The Way To Prosperity Is Through Economic Growth

You will see a big change in focus when Trump gains the White House. Obama and the Democrats push for income equality while Trump and the Republicans push for Economic Growth.

Obama has so strangled the economy with regulations and dwarfed it with taxes that it is stagnant. We are running 1% growth or worse.

Trump is shooting for 4% growth and he will unleash the economy by reducing regulations and taxes.

Economic growth will mean business expansion and new business starts. Economic growth means more jobs. More jobs and more and larger businesses mean more tax revenue. More tax revenue means more funding for government programs as well as an ability to stop running budget deficits. It means a balanced budget. IT MEANS PROSPERITY! It means higher wages, higher paying jobs.

When opportunities abound it means more choices in employment for everybody. It means that people can come off Food Stamps and the welfare rolls and get a good job. Government expenses drop. More people working, more business in operation mean that while taxes go down, tax revenues actually go up. We can pay for our government at a lower per capita assessment.

Economic growth is how we can afford things, as an individual and as a nation.

It is time to go back to the success of Ronald Reagan and Supply Side Economics!


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