Hillary Won The Popular Vote By Voter Fraud


Here is why Hillary didn’t win the popular vote. Milwaukee is not the only city where the Democrat machine stuffed the ballot box in favor of Hillary. You can add Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Atlanta, Miami and New Orleans to the list. And other cities that don’t matter because the Democrat will win anyway are Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, New York and Boston, but they did it there too. This raises the national popular vote for Hillary illegally. But the Democrats don’t care. It’s win at any cost.

Then you need to take a long hard look at California where Hillary won by 3.5 million votes. Take away California, and Trump won the popular vote in the rest of the nation, all 50 states (counting DC). California gave drivers licenses to illegals and allowed illegals to vote. Yes, California is a Blue state but not by 3.5 million votes.  That 3.5 million surplus should be more like one million. The other 2.5 million votes are illegals voting and stuffing the ballot box in the big cities.


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