The Mythologies Of The 2016 Election

Victor Davis Hanson has long been a favorite of the Lexington Libertarian. He is a preeminent Historian whose insights into what is going on, over and over again prove to be solid, correct analysis. He is a man worth listening to.

So if you would like to get an analysis of the 2016 election, why Trump won, why Hillary lost and the mistakes made, this is the video you should not miss.

What we have seen is the Mainstream Traditional Media publishing one lie after another. In fact, they so jimmied the polls that Democrats swallowed their own lie and thus were led astray away from sound political advice and campaigning that would yield results. You had one part of the Democrat Left telling the other part obvious fabrications which became reality for those opposing Trump. That is why Democrats were so shocked that they lost. This self-deception led to the downfall of Hillary and the Democrats.


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