Democrats Try To Delegitimize Trump

The Democrat Left knows that it no longer can hope to reverse the 2016 election. It can delegitimize the election of Donald Trump, however. And that is what it has set out to do and will continually do. It is a sad time in American politics when we cannot have an orderly transfer of power. The Democrat party has moved so far Left that it has become captured by its own ideology, unable to compromise and work with others. It has developed such an air of moral superiority that it cannot countenance any opposing views.

To make the charge that Trump colluded with Putin to throw the election crosses the line of decency and should have been disallowed by Obama and the Mainstream Media. What most people have missed is that the so-called American Intelligence assessment of Russian Hacking the election was made by political Appointed Department Heads not the Intelligence workers in the field. How often have we seen the Obama Cabinet politicized? Take for example just the DOJ and the IRS. There is no such thing as an unbiased government working for the betterment of the entire nation when the government is under Democrat control.

It’s a shame but Democrats have consorted to ridiculous Conspiracy Theories which we will see in the next post on the Lexington Libertarian. Just another example of Trump Derangement Syndrome.


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