Trump To Undo Obama’s Marxist-Socialst Economics

Donald Trump has made a lot of BIIIIG hires to his White House since getting elected, but not a one of them can begin to compare to the LEGEND he just brought on to take down Obama’s terrible legacy. Today, Trump’s transition team announced that he has brought on none other than Carl Icahn, the Legendary investor himself, to be his “Special Advisor on Regulation.”

The Obama-Hillary Administration has deliberately strangled business with excessive regulations and high taxes.Included in business’ demise is the regulations in Obamacare. Yes, folks, I said that they did this DELIBERATELY!

Obama is a Marxist-Socialist and as such all business is evil, big business, corporations, small business – everybody in business – is evil stealers of the poor’s wealth and as such need to be punished and their stolen riches confiscated. This punishment is responsible FOR ZERO ECONOMIC GROWTH, A LOSS OF JOBS AND VERY LITTLE INCREASE IN AMERICAN WAGES FOR OVER A DECADE.

When you punish those who provide jobs, you get fewer jobs.  When you over tax and over regulate American business, American business goes elsewhere – overseas. If you deliberately punish something you get less of it. Why is that so hard to understand?

When the government by force redistributes wealth that is stealing. And it is a job killer, a wage depressor, and an economic growth stagnator.

Watch America grow under Trump’s guiding hand.


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