Democrats Claim Republicans Want To Make America Sick Again

In a flurry of pure fantasy, Democrats claim Republicans want to make America sick again by repealing and replacing Obamacare when this awful law is dying of its own free will and accord. Obamacare is dying a slow death. It doesn’t have to be repealed if we all want to wait awhile longer. But why prolong the agony? Be sure to review the Obamacare facts in the video above.

You may remember that the Democrats shut out the Republicans from contributing to this law. Not one Republican voted for it. It is entirely a Democrat catastrophe. They actually refused to look at over 100 amendments offered. We won the election, they said. We get to write the laws. We don’t need you.

Now they want to dump this whole mess in the Republicans lap, label it Trumpcare, promising that they will get no help from all the asses in the Democrat Party. No cooperation, no bi-partisanship is their answer. They only cry for bi-partisanship when they need Republican votes to pass Democrat legislation.

If there is a hindrance to cooperation in solving today’s problems, it is the Democrat Party who has promised in many areas to act as obstructionists.

American Thinker reports:

The true political risk to Republicans is leaving Obamacare on the books

Bad laws and regulations should be repealed, not tweaked – and Obamacare should go first.

The Democrats are saying how great Obamacare is and that Republicans will make the health care system worse if they repeal it.  Chuck Schumer is saying Republicans want to “make America sick again.”

Maybe Republicans or the media (the media obviously won’t do it) should point out that life expectancy dropped for the first time in decades four years after Obamacare passed.

When Obama, Democrats, and the media say Obamacare has caused more than twenty million to be covered, maybe the Republicans should point out that on September 9, 2009, President Obama said 30 million people couldn’t get health insurance.  (That was a bald-faced lie because most of those people could have bought insurance if they wanted it, and many were already eligible for Medicaid and hadn’t signed up.)

Since around 29 million are uninsured, why does the media repeat that 20 million additional people are covered because of the law?  Don’t facts matter at all?  Inflating the original number to pretend twenty million have been helped is like continually lowering the number in the work force to make unemployment look better.

 Even if 20 million new people are covered, that means that around 300 million of us have been hit with much higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs to supposedly help 20 million.


The solution is to repeal the law and give the truly small percentage of uninsurable greater access to high-risk pools.  Medicaid also could be expanded from what it was prior to the Obamacare law.  People again would have many options.  They could choose catastrophic insurance, could choose high-cost plans, or choose to self-insure.

The replacement law could be very short, even short enough for Nancy Pelosi to read before she passed it.  We could be back where people could keep their doctors and keep their plans, which is what Obama and Democrats repeatedly promised when they passed Obamacare.

The true political risk to Republicans and Trump is leaving the existing law on the books.


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