Democrats Plan: Block Anything Republican, Freeze The Government

It has become clear what the Democrats plan of action is: block anything Republican, freeze the government. This is their answer to the will of the voters. “F” U, the Democrats are saying. We know what’s best and if you won’t vote for it we will be damn sure of not letting you make the mistake of making the wrong choice.


Trump will be a much different leader from Obama. Obama never rolled up his sleeves and worked at being President. He never worked with Congress. He never took the time to cement Congressional relationships, to consult with Congress, invite Congressional leaders to the White House for a tete-a-tete. Obama’s style was to govern by Executive Order, doing away will all the hard work of negotiation, leaving him more time to play golf.

Trump along with VP Mike Pence will go to Congress frequently, meet with Congressional leaders on a regular basis. Trump will work hard. He actually enjoys being in the middle of the fray and doing battle. He does not shy away from a fight. Trump’s Presidency will be characterized by, “ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS. FULL SPEED AHEAD, DAMN THE TORPEDOES.”


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