What They Didn’t Tell You About The Fake Russian Hacking Charges

Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, If you thought there was something extra suspicious about this whole “Russia hacking the Democrats” narrative, you were dead right. Today it was revealed that despite the FBI saying they KNOW Russia hacked the Democrats, they never even ONCE actually checked the email servers of the DNC!

Once again the Obama Federal Agencies were politicized. FBI Director had more than enough evidence to recommend that HIllary be charged, but he didn’t. The IRS persecuted Christian and Conservative groups. The EPA took on powers it never had. NASA went from a Space Agency to a Muslim Relations Agency. CIA Director lied to Congress. In general, the entire Federal Government under Obama took on powers it did not have and made rules and legislated when it had no business doing it. This was part of Obama;s transformation of America.

So what we have here in regards to Russian Hacking is a bunch of political hacks making charges to delegitimize the Trump Presidency. China made a giant hack of government employees a year ago and numerous other hacks have been made including multiple ones on Hillary’s Server, but our President never made one move to combat cyber attacks or to beef up cyber security until the one they thought had no chance of winning became the victor. Now they can’t stop talking about what they can’t prove.


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