Obama Never Strayed From Radical Left-Wing Beliefs

The mistake many Presidents make is that they think an overwhelming election win is a mandate for their ideology. Obama is a great example. Most of America thought it was a historic occasion to elect a Black President. They hoped that once and for all that racial division would recede way into the background and that we could move forward into an era of racial and cultural cooperation. Unfortunately exactly the opposite occurred.

Obama thought that his big win was an endorsement of his radical Far Left ideology, so he set out to TRANSFORM AMERICA. But Obama was wrong. America didn’t want to be transformed. What America looks for in its President is a Middle Left – Middle Right government, rejecting the extremes of the Far Left and the Far Right. Most American voters are Moderates – in the Middle.

As soon as the American public learned that Obama was a Far Left ideologue, they rejected his policies at every turn. A solid Democrat Congress when Obama entered Office turned into a Republican House and a Democrat Senate, then to A Republican House and a Republican Senate and finally to a Republican President in Trump who will have both Houses of Congress Republican. What a drastic turnaround. What the American people were saying to Obama is that we love you and your family as people but we dislike your policies. Obama wasn’t listening.

And because Obama wasn’t listening he was responsible for the Trump-Republican victory. The American people were pleading – listen to us. We do not want to be a European style Socialist country. We don’t want open borders. We want to be protected from Terrorism. Obama could not think outside the box, could not work outside his rigid ideology, would not compromise.

Most Presidents in office are somewhat practical. They may have an ideology but they bend and modify their personal beliefs, going with the flow. Look at Bill Clinton. He bent the curve and worked with Republicans, cooperating with Newt Gingrich on federal spending. He ultimately signed and endorsed the Republican welfare reform. He was a Liberal but it wasn’t my way or the highway. Obama was rigid and refused to change one bit. When Republicans offered to co-author Obamacare offering over 100 Amendments, he and the Democrats ignored all attempts at bi-partisanship saying, “We won, we get to write the laws. When you win you can write the laws.” We don’t want your help Obama said.

Obama’s downfall was written in history when he refused to do the work of the Presidency. He refused to go to Congress and meet with them to work out legislation that would further his agenda. He didn’t do the hard work that a President needs to do.  Instead, he deliberately bypassed Congress when it turned Republican (his own fault) and announced he would in the future govern by Executive Order. He had a pen and a phone and that was going to be the extent of his breaking sweat to implement a Democratic program. The truth be told, Obama would rather be out playing golf than working hard at being President.

It all fell to pieces when Obama continually violated the Constitution and lied to the American people. Those were the straws that broke the camel’s back. And now most of his legacy will be repealed, his Executive Orders rescinded.

As Trump enters the Presidency he looks to easily be able to avoid this pitfall of thinking that the voters have given him Carte Blanche for his ideology. That’s because Trump doesn’t have an ideology. Trump is a very practical man. He is going to do what works and what doesn’t work, even though he believes in it wholeheartedly, he will let fall by the wayside.


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