US Intelligence Was Behind Hacks — Not Russia

Look we need to lay this issue to bed. It was not Russian Hacking that entered into our election. Hacking involves the altering of someone’s computer system. The E-Mails that were disclosed were LEAKED not HACKED. Somebody got into Hillary’s Server and leaked to the public her E-Mails. And that most likely was US Intelligence Agencies.

The person(s) we should be blaming for these Leaks is not Trump or the Russians but Hillary. But for her there could be no leaking of her E-Mails. That is not to say there is not Russian Hacking. There is but this election was not hacked and the Russians did not give Hillary’s E-Mails or Podesta’s E-Mails to WikiLeaks.

But for Obama doing nothing about cyber security during his eight years in office, there would be no leaks of government E-Mails.

Nothing leaked was false. All the E-Mails leaked were true and not altered in any way. Even Hillary admits that.

Now when those trying to protect Hillary scream at Trump and Republicans – you don’t trust 17 Intelligence Agencies?- they are partially correct. And the answer is that the head of these Agencies are political hacks appointed by Obama and beholden to him and the Democrat Party. It is not the thousands of Intel workers in the field that Republicans do not trust, it is the upper echelon who are political appointees and who have politicized Intel Agencies. These chiefs are “Obama men (and women)” who are loyal to their President and who will lie for him.

Lie, you say? Where is their proof of that? James Clapper lied to Congress on NSA wiretapping of the American Public. He sat there testifying before Congress and LIED!



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