We Aren’t As Divided As Many Think


2016 Presidential Election by County

Red = Counties won by Donald Trump

Blue = Counties won by Hillary Clinton

While the opposition to Trump is vocal and nasty it is a distinct minority. Most of America is solidly behind Trump.

For those who cite the popular vote win by 1 1/2 million, Hillary won California which has gone bonkers by 3 1/2 million votes. Take away California and Trump won the popular vote bt 2 million votes. Take away California and New York and Trump won by 3 1/2 million votes. The fact is the Democrat Party has majority allegiance only in the big cities and in the Northeast coastal states and West Coast coastal states. The rest of the country is solidly Republican.

California is a special case as it has driven out most of its Middle Class, become a magnet for illegal aliens and allows illegals to vote.

The Far Left that creates street violence, shoots cops and deliberately creates chaos is a minuscule part of the American public.

Why the opposition seems so prevalent is because academia and the media are solidly Democrat and Left leaning. But they are far from a large number of people. Their influence, however, far exceeds their small numbers.

The next time your Liberal Left Democrat friends tell you they are the majority, show them this voting breakdown.



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