A Crude, Rude, Vulgar, Nasty Leftist Woman Trashing Trump


This is what you call the loyal opposition? The Democrat Party and the Media have stooped this low?

Folks this is the far Left, which has kidnapped the Democrat Party, financed by George Soros and other Leftists, PAID to do this crap. There is nothing spontaneous about these demonstrations. They are organized, orchestrated and paid for. And they are unhinged, unAmerican and unholy.

Rush reports:

Folks, I know it unnerves you, too, because I’m sure that many of you were hoping that these temper tantrums would end, and once the inauguration took place, I mean, that’s reality: Donald Trump’s the president. We still have… You’re upset at all this, and I know why, and I understand it. You think this stuff’s gonna prevail.

You think somehow — you don’t know how, you don’t know what it means, how it’s gonna manifest, but you think — this is gonna work. You think this mindless, childish behavior (which is embarrassing) is gonna work. It’s gonna end up damaging Trump, it’s gonna penalize Trump, it’s gonna lead to Trump’s removal. I’m sure many of you have the fear, and that’s the trick in the coverage of this kind of stuff by the Drive-By Media, because the Drive-By Media purposely makes this stuff look like it’s perfectly normal.


They’re covering these comments from Ashley Judd and Madonna as though it’s just common and ordinary and everyday and completely understandable, and the odd thing going on is Trump. The weird, inexplicable thing is Trump actually being inaugurated. And what’s normal is a bunch of women wearing hats on their heads that are made to look like a poo-sai. It’s normal, and it’s normal for Ashley Judd to come out and make a total fool of herself and normal for Madonna to do the same thing, and it’s normal for all these women to show up all over the world and (crying) cry and whine and moan.

It’s entirely normal, and that’s how the media makes it look like you who elected Trump are the minority. It’s how the media tries to make it look like these people, the anti-Trumps — no matter where you find them, be it the women’s march, the Democrat Party, wherever — that’s the majority of the country, and somehow some weird aberration is happened here. And it traces back, of course, to the Russians hacking the election and somehow stealing it from Hillary, who had the election in the bag even though she never did.

The media’s now writing pieces about, “How dare Trump send Sean Spicer out to criticize us on Saturday! How dare he dispute what we said about crowd size? How dare Trump dispute what we say! How dare Trump.” That’s their attitude. Whatever they say goes. And whoever they say about it is supposed to shut up and just accept it and maybe reach out and try to build bridges. But the Trump philosophy is to hit back, to fight back, and to call ’em liars and to call ’em fake news, and they don’t know what to do.

“How dare Trump! How dare Trump send his spokesman out? How dare Trump! Alternative facts?” Yeah. On, Meet the Press, Kellyanne Conway is up there and they’re talking about crowd size. Do you realize how irrelevant the crowd size angle is? The crowd size angle is just another media ploy to try to make it look like this whole Trump thing is unreal, that it didn’t legitimately win, that it does not represent a majority of Americans. So they’ll look at anything they can. They’ll doctor photos of crowds taken at the inauguration of Obama and photos taken at the inauguration of Trump.

They’ll take some pictures of the Trump inauguration three hours before the inauguration — they will include areas of white closed off to the public for security, but they won’t mention that — and they’ll put side by side photos of Obama’s election at the moment he gave his speech in 2009 and try to say, “See? Nobody’s there! Nobody cares about Trump. This is all baloney. This is all phony. This didn’t really shoulda happen. Look, we owned it when Obama was there, and there’s nothing to see with Trump. So Trump calls back on ’em and says, “Your guys are making it up. Here’s the facts, here’s the TV ratings, he’s the truth about it.



“Here’s the social media tune-in factor. We had maybe the second most watched presidential inauguration in history,” and the media doesn’t like Trump hitting back. When Trump hits back, that means Trump’s bad. That means Trump’s unpresidential. That means Trump is not playing by the rules. That means Trump is not acquiescing and understanding who really runs that place. That is Trump not getting who the real power in Washington is. It’s the media! In fact, here’s the New York Times and a media analysis piece by Sydney Ember and Michael Grynbaum.

News Media, Target of Trump’s Declaration of War, Expresses Alarm.” (Gasp!) No! The media is “alarmed” folks. “For wary Washington journalists, it seemed only a matter of time before Donald J. Trump’s presidency would lead to a high-tension standoff between his administration and the news media. But on Day 1? The news media world found itself in a state of shock on Sunday, a day after Mr. Trump declared himself in ‘a running war with the media’ and the president’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, used his first appearance on the White House podium to deliver a fiery jeremiad against the press.

“Worse, many journalists said, were the falsehoods that sprang from the lips of both Mr. Trump and Mr. Spicer on Saturday.” This is rich. The architects of fake news accusing Trump and Spicer of lying. You’ve heard by now that TIME magazine had a reporter that tweeted that Trump had gotten rid of the bust of Martin Luther King in the Oval Office. Did you see that? Well, he didn’t. The guy somehow either was looking at a picture of the Oval Office or was in there or something and didn’t see, at first glance, the Martin Luther King bust and assumed that Trump had thrown it in the trash because the bust of Winston Churchill was back.

The Winston Churchill bust was back but the TIME magazine guy couldn’t see the Martin Luther King bust, so he wrote that Trump had gotten rid of it. But he hadn’t. It was there, and it had not been moved. And the media insists in all this, “Well, they’re entitled! That’s what media is. You know, media, they’re allowed to lie. They’re allowed to make mistakes because they’re the fourth estate.” They can do it, but Trump can’t. Anyway, and day one… They’re right: It’s only gonna intensify, folks. We’re not gonna have peace. We’re not gonna have peaceful coexistence. It isn’t gonna be the case, and I’ve known this. It’s why I’ve said for I don’t know how many years: The left is not to be gotten along with. The left is to be defeated and defeated and defeated, on their playing field and on ours.

Well, I know. I know that that’s what PETA does, but this women’s thing is… I mean it may ultimately help ’em raise money; I don’t know. But this is the result of fundraising. It was fundraising that made this possible. This is George Soros and Hillary Clinton donors — their money over the years — being used. This has a specific purpose, and it’s part of a much larger scheme of events, and it’s all oriented (with the assistance of the media) to create a narrative, an impression that Trump is not legitimate.

That he was not legitimately elected. That he’s not a legitimate president. All of this is step one or two toward the eventual impeachment of Donald Trump, which David Brock is currently fundraising for at the moment and, I’m told, has already raised $40 million. Why you would need that, who knows? But that’s all these people know. So I’m sure there’s a fundraising component here. But don’t doubt the substantive intent of this. I don’t know how many normal people send these clowns money anyway, but I get your drift. But there is a purpose to this beyond just raising money.

This is why so many of us have been so frustrated that there’s no push-back against it. So many of us have been… Really. I mean, I know I’m speaking for you on this. So frustrated. The media gets way with normalizing this stuff. This kind of stuff went on in Indiana after the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The bullying is commonplace on the left! I mean, you go in to a baker as a gay couple and ask ’em to bake a cake for your reception and say, “No”? Look at what happens to you.

The militant gay community comes down on you and the whole Democrat Party joins ’em in coming down on you, and they sue you out of existence. Same thing if you are a photography shop and a couple gay comes and say, ‘We want you to be the photographer for our reception, our wedding,” and you say, “No, I don’t believe…” They’re targeting these people. There are plenty of other photographers to hire.

But they’re purposeful trying to hire people who say no, after researching and creating the issue. And they bully these people out of business! It’s been going on for a long time. These kind of people, you could get ’em on focus groups, I would think. They’re out there, and they do respond to being paid, and if you’re in a focus group, I mean, you get paid for your time. But these people are bought and paid for by George Soros money, Hillary Clinton money.


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