Crowd Size Debate Is Deliberate Misinformation To Discredit Trump

To see the real size of the Inauguration crowd go to 1:27:36 of this video. Just fast forward to that point in the video:


Or try this one:




Nobody is disputing that President Obama had a huge, record-breaking crowd at both of his inaugurations. But what the Mainstream Liberal/Left Media did to Trump is to try to delegitimize him by showing comparison pictures before all the 2017 crowd arrived.

There were no thugs (you can call them protestors) blocking entrances to the inauguration when Obama took the oath of office. Because of the hostility to Trump and the threat of huge violence all the side streets into the inauguration were blocked off. They became huge checkpoints. And on those side streets were anti-Trump thugs beating people up and harassing them – holding up the progress into the inauguration arena.

So what happened is that much of the crowd was late in getting in. The pictures the media took to compare with Obama’s inauguration were too early — before everybody got through all the blockades, checkpoints, and harassment. 

The point here is that the media knew all this. They deliberately painted a false picture to discredit Trump.

Trump did not bring up the crowd size issue. The Left and the Left media started it all with these comparison photos. Then when Trump hit back at the misinformation, they screamed why are you bringing up such a trivial point? Don’t we have more important matters to debate? Yes, we do, but Trump didn’t initiate this discussion, neither could he let a falsehood remain on the table.


End of story!


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