Republicans Can Lay Claim To The Authorization To Reverse Obamaism

Those that say that Trump is not a legitimate President because he didn’t win the popular vote mistake the mood of the nation. First of all, just one state, California, gave Hillary the popular vote lead with a victory of 3 1/2 million votes. This is a state where the Middle Class has left and gone elsewhere and where illegal aliens are welcomed, given tons of benefits and allowed to vote.

Secondly, the rest of the elected posts in the nation, Congress, governorships and state legislatures have gone solidly Republican. Trump has a solid claim to a Republican landslide that has backed his agenda and rejected and dumped Obama’s agenda.

The Federalist papers reports:

In the last eight years under Barack Obama, more than 1,000 elected seats have switched to Republicans – the largest political loss under one president in decades.

The number is actually 1,030 according to The Daily Mail. All spots in Congress, state legislatures and governor’s mansions lost by Democrats just during Obama’s presidency.

This from a president who claimed to be a “grassroots community organizer.”

“What’s happened on the ground is that voters have been punishing Democrats for eight solid years — it’s been exhausting,” South Carolina state Senator Vincent Sheheen told the paper. He lost two gubernatorial campaigns to Nikki Haley, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for ambassador to the UN. “If I was talking about a local or state issue, voters would always lapse back into a national topic: Barack Obama.”

Leftists heralded the election of Barack Obama as a new era in liberal domination of American politics. Minorities, young people and other “disenfranchised” voters would flock to the polls and take over the country. But quite the opposite has happened.

As it stands, Democrats now control the governorship and both legislative chambers in just five states: Oregon, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware. Republicans on the other hand, have complete control in 25 states, giving them a trifecta in half the country.


Republicans control the governorship in two thirds of all the states, 33 – and that’s up two this election


Republicans have veto-proof majorities in 17 states. Add the coming control of the Supreme Court and Republicans will have more political party than at any time since 1928, before the Great Depression and FDR’s ascendance.

To be sure, the president’s party almost always loses seats in midterm elections. But, according to experts, Obama’s tenure has marked the greatest number of losses under any president in decades.

This is a backlash to liberal politics and a resurgence of conservatism, led by Donald Trump.

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