Democrat Politicians Partner With Hamas-Linked CAIR To Revolt Against Trump

As we have reported recently the Democrat Party has been overtaken by the Left. And it is in league with the Far Left violent Nihilists. SEE:



March after March and bullying and harassment tactics are headlining the news every day. But this cadre of Leftists are mainly concentrated in the Northeast corridor – Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C – and the West Coast – LA, San Fran, Portland, Seattle. The rest of the nation doesn’t want to have anything to do with these Leftist Loony Tunes. Middle America loves America. The Leftists on the West Coast and the Northeast corridor hate America and want to destroy it or transform it.

The Mainstream News Media is aligned with the Leftists. They are Leftists. And they feature stories about Leftists and their protests. They give the Left tons of free publicity. But go to Tennessee, Kansas, Utah, Texas and you will find the majority of the population is a whole different culture, one of Traditional Americanism. But they get no press.

The Lexington Libertarian is here as an alternative media to speak for those Americans who love their country and hold Heartland culture, what made this country great! To the Left, this is nothing more than fly over country. But to us, this is the heart and soul of America.


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