Fake Protests

We have Fake News and now we have Fake Protests. Notice how just hours after Trump’s Travel Ban hundreds of people showed up at various airports across the country? These people were on standby, poised and waiting for the word. Most are paid by George Soros and others to protest. The is the Far Left, the nihilists, trying to influence public opinion.

American Outlook repeats Investors Business Daily reports:

SURPRISE! ‘Spontaneous’ Anti-Trump Airport Protests Were Planned FOR MONTHS

Last week after Trump released an executive order that enacted a temporary travel ban on refugees, leftists poured into airports to protest. The media reported the protests as a spontaneous uprising but that was just more fake news.


Investor’s Business Daily reports:

Now We Know: Those ‘Spontaneous’ Anti-Trump Airport Protests Weren’t Spontaneous At All

There was always something fishy about the outbreak of “spontaneous” protests at airports around the country in the immediate wake of President Trump’s executive order pausing visas and refugees from terror-prone countries.

Not that you’d suspect anything from the way they were covered. Nearly every story published over that weekend stated without equivocation that the protests were an unplanned and visceral reaction to Trump’s executive order. Examples:

“Spontaneous Protests Hit Airports Across America Following Trump’s Executive Order”

“Protest Grows ‘Out of Nowhere’ at Kennedy Airport”

“The senseless cruelty of the executive order has led to spontaneous protests at many of America’s major airports.”

None of this was spontaneous. The report continues:

“News reports and TV broadcasts about the week’s protests described the events as ‘spontaneous protests’ mounted in response to the Trump administration’s travel and immigration executive order,” author Asawin Suebsaeng writes at the liberal leaning Daily Beast. “But to Make the Road New York, and the groups like it across the country, there was nothing ‘spontaneous’ about it.”

Suebsaeng notes that “professional organizers had been waiting and planning for this type of mass, direct action — ready-made to go viral on social media — even since, well Nov. 9.” These professional organizers, he says have been “anticipating and mapping out their battle plans for Trump’s orders on deportations, bans, and detention.”

It’s amazing.

After complaining about fake news in the election, the media has been pushing fake news on a daily basis.


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