United States Dodged A Missile

dinesh-dsouzaA very fine video where D’Souza explains why we have Trump and what we should do now we have him. You can cut out all the introductions and hot air by fast forwarding to 8:45 in the video.

It is interesting to watch D’Souza say that in the past the Republicans nominated Jesus Christ to be President and the Democrats were able nonetheless to label him as evil. And D’Souza makes a point when he explains how difficult it is for Conservatives and President Trump to move forward with Right wing, even Mainstream, ideas. It is because Democrats and the Left own the 3 big Megaphones – Academia, the Media, and Hollywood.

What the Lexington Libertarian would like to point out is that the Left politicizes everything. They choose what coffee shop they patronize by how the owner and management stand on political issues, they buy and read newspapers and magazines that only support their world view, they purchase their vehicles by political science concerns, they choose their friends by what political views they have and reject those who hold contra views and they worship with religions that accept only their political views to go along with the catechisms. Leftists will out, ostracize and destroy anybody and everybody who rejects their worldview. They operate from a position of moral superiority according to them. There is only one way to think, operate and associate in the Leftist world and that is their way only because they have the one and only true way. All skeptics are deniers; they are heretics who need to be purged from life whether they are neighbors, friends, bosses, business, religions, artists.  Leftists operate a political judgment on others 24/7. They are certain that conservatives are sexist or misogynist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic Islamophobic, racist and bigoted, not to mention anti-intellectual and anti-science.

Conservatives may be active in politics but when the battle is over they go back to doing what is most important to them – making a living, raising a family and worshipping God. Those are the things that are the glue of the Right. They cannot live in 24/7 judgment of others as the Left does. They cannot politicize every aspect of their lives as Leftists do. Conservatives have Left Wing friends, they often can be found attending houses of worship heavily infiltrated by judgmental Leftists. They buy Left-leaning newspapers and magazines. Life goes on for the Conservative. Life is not political 24/7. Conservatives are not wedded to their ideology. They have a life to live.

It might behoove the reader to visit the video above one more time.





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