Why Culture Clash Does Not Work

Multiculturalism – the living together separately of diametrically opposed cultures does not work. It’s suicide. Sharia Law Muslims, never mind Jihadists, cannot live peacefully alongside traditional freedom loving Americans. The two cultures do not mix especially when the Islamists refuse to assimilate. Even if they come to the United States peacefully and live in peace while here their ultimate goal is to take over the US and forcibly impose their way of life, in this case, death, on all those who think differently from them. And they will get to do this, using our democratic system, by outbreeding us by immense numbers until they are the majority and can inflict their will on the American minority. Yes, with each Sharia Muslim family having 13 children it will only take 6 decades for them to be the majority making the rules.


There is no right to immigrate to the United States. Every nation has a right to set its borders. Every nation has a right to decide who comes into their country and who does not. American Constitutional Rights do not apply to noncitizens.Support the President in his desire to see American safe and for this great Republic to survive.



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