Democrts Blame Trump And Global Warming For The Oroville Dam disaster


oroville-1-jpg-1486584461Remember the delta smelt. Well, the state of California is so wedded to the faulty theory of man-made Global Warming that it diverted millions of gallons of water from south California farmers and residents and let all the precious water run out to sea to preserve the fish. Not content with artificially creating a government man made drought, California thinking that becasue of Global Warming the drought will last forever, therefore, it need not spend any money on repair of Oroville Dam.

There is lots of tother things that Governor Brown wants to spend money on: – High-speed Rail that nobody will use, sanctuary cities, the feeding, housing and protecting of illegals and every other Left Wing boondoggle that you can think of.

Meanwhile, Californians are screaming at Trump:

“as thousands evacuate ahead of the oroville dam failure — mr. trump — where the bloody f*ck are you?”

“Trump races to fix #OrovilleDam …..Crickets !”

“If the #OrovilleDam had been on SNL this weekend, @POTUS @realDonaldTrump would have something to say about it.”

Trump is going to be the fall guy on this one should the disaster escalate.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Media Is Already Linking Oroville Dam Disaster To Global Warming

Photo of Michael Bastasch


oroville-dam-spillwayA number of news outlets claim the near collapse of the Oroville dam’s emergency spillway in California is a glimpse of what man-made global warming could bring.

Oroville Is a Warning for California Dams, as Climate Change Adds Stress,” the New York Times reported. “Broken California Dam Is a Sign of Emergencies to Come,” reads an article published in Scientific American, adding that “[c]limate change is leading to more extreme rainfalls that can overwhelm infrastructure.”

Nearly 200,000 Californians were evacuated from their homes Sunday after part of the Oroville dam’s main spillway collapsed, in turn causing the dam’s emergency spillway to reach the limit of what it can handle.

Heavy rains this year overwhelmed Oroville, pushing the dam to capacity, and sparking concerns from environmentalists and reporters that global warming would bring more extreme rains that could damage infrastructure.


“Drought, climate change, and aging infrastructure combined to create a looming catastrophe that forced 188,000 Californians to evacuate,” reads an Atlantic subheadline.

Roger Bales, an engineering professor with the University of California, Merced, said global warming was to blame for California’s unusually wet winter.

“It doesn’t take much warming to change snowstorms into rainstorms,” Bales told The Guardian. “With a warmer climate, we get these winter storms, which dump rain rather than snow.”

Michael Dettinger, a U.S. Geological Survey hydrologist, countered that while global warming may play a future role in rain storms, it probably hasn’t had much of an impact yet.

“California’s climate has always had the potential for a year like this,” he told The Guardian. “So far, except for how quickly [not how much] the precipitation has piled up, there is nothing record-breaking here.”

California has a history of abruptly switching from drought conditions to torrential rain. One weekend of rain storms in January, brought by an atmospheric river, basically ended California’s six-year, state-wide drought.

Despite this, precipitation around Oreville hasn’t trended upward much in the last century — only about 0.8 inches over the last century or so, according to federal climate data.

Oroville’s problem was a corroded main spillway, put under stress by heavy rains. Had workers caught the main spillway problems during the dam’s last inspection in July 2015, this may have been averted.

Oroville’s main spillway handled more water during heavy rains in the 1990s, but the dam was in better condition.

Officials say repairing the dam could cost as much as $200 million.


Lance Winslow reports:

The Democrats Want To Blame Donald Trump For The Oroville Dam Crisis – Wow

oroville-damThe Governor of California and the left is going to blame Global Warming and the Republicans for one of the biggest dam breaches in US history, that is if that dam break comes to fruition, but please do not be so naïve to listen. Beware of those who point fingers and try pointing a few back at them or hand them their mirrors. Let’s talk about the Oroville California dam crisis, it’s a major news story indeed.

YouTube Video titled: “Oroville Dam Crisis Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Legacy 2003-2011 Worst Governor of California,” on the Trump Lies Channel.

Now then, let’s take the title of this video is busy trashing Arnold Schwarzenegger, first, that’s just nonsense, as the “Governator” Arnold tried to get the California legislature to put in mandatory repairs for levees and dams nearly a decade ago, but the democrats in the California Legislature at the time said no to that proposed budget and diverted money to BS social programs. Thus, blaming Schwarzenegger is a bunch of baloney.

In the video description it goes on to blame the Trump Administration, now that is silly. Apparently, the Governor of California requested that the Trump Administration give CA $165 Million to repair the dam emergency overflow spillway, and the left insists since Trump did not send the money right away, it’s his fault – ridiculous, as California can do this on their own and get reimbursed later. Yes, the left is playing the blame game.

Still, maybe the current CA governor, Jerry Brown, should blame himself and also blame Obama’s fake (cow pie) shovel ready job infrastructure waste for not fixing this when he they both had a full democrat legislature, they could have gotten things done, this is really a major screw up of epic proportions. The road to hell is always paved by socialist claims of great intentions, but they should have use the Great Intentions Paving Co. LLC to pave the emergency spillway overflow channel route to the river below.

Disaster don’t just happen, generally the warning signs were always there, and yet a comedy of errors provided the last few nails in the coffin that eventually buried the event to the annals of history. Beware when politicians start blaming one-another, and the media jumps on that band-wagon. Fake News won’t change the truth, it only enforces a manufactured narrative for politicians and their weak-minded followers. Yes, leftist voters, I am speaking directly to you, and your so-called leaders.

Recommended Reading:

(1) “The Politics of Disaster – Katrina, Big Government and the New Strategy for Future Crisis” by Marvin Olasky.
(2) “Crashes, Crises, And Calamities – How We Can Use Science to Read The Early-Warning Signs,” by Len Fisher.
(3) “Flirting With Disaster” Why Accidents Are Rarely Accidental,” by Marc Gerstein

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