The Left’s Plan To Destroy Trump

The Left thinks that it can topple Donald Trump, force him out of office or at least make him a one term President. They plan to do this by constantly bringing up questions on every subject, every policy. They will offer no solutions or programs of their own. They will just deluge the entire media with one question after another, one criticism after another, one doomsday possibility after another. Their goal is to create chaos and disorder so that Trump cannot govern.

They want to tear down the fabric of government and make everything a bewildering mess confusing the electorate in the process.Their goal is to make UP, DOWN and DOWN, UP. They will make so many charges, raise so many questions as to put mass doubt into the minds of the Ameican people as to the legitimacy of Donald Trump to be President. It will be an orchestrated campaign financed by George Soros and other American far Left haters. It is made to have Trump supporters question their support of the President. It is designed to make the hue and outcry so loud as to give credence to the supposition that because of all this commotion there must be some truth to all the charges.


American Thinker reports:

The Rise of the TEAR Parties

After a lengthy explanation of the TEA Party we pick up the article here:

By 2016, the TEA parties had secured management of many local and state Republican organizations, and the local governments they influenced were addressing their concerns; however, this was more the ideal than the norm. Their righteous struggles had been met with opposition from establishment Republicans, the vast majority of Democrats, and strangely enough, a news media that had become propagandists for establishment and Democrat-controlled governments. In most places, the cattle prod was still the reality, and the cause of the TEA parties was still strong; and so Donald Trump was elected president.

No sooner was Trump inaugurated than the organized protests began. First came marches for women’s rights, where the protesters expressed their concerns by repeatedly chanting, “Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Donald Trump has got to go!” The pattern repeated itself. Not a single one of these groups, among their leadership or their members, has expressed any substantive policy position. On the occasions that they have attempted to do so, their statements are based more on slander and debunked fallacies than knowledge and reason. Unlike the TEA parties, whose participants addressed substantive issues from positions of knowledge and reason, these new protesters do nothing but decry Republicans and disrupt communication. You might say that they are a Tantrum at Every Action of Republicans (TEAR) party. Pronounce it whichever way you want, for they exist to cry and divide.

Who are these TEAR parties? A group of about 170 protesters gathered outside a meeting of the Palatine Township Republican Organization, at which Congressman Peter Roskam was the invited speaker. A week earlier, the leaders of the group had attempted to blindside Roskam with a media stunt, but failed. This protest was ostensibly about Roskam “hiding” from pro-ACA groups, except that Roskam had already met with two real pro-ACA lobbying groups that same week. This TEAR Party was a stunt, and at its head was the Democratic committeeman for Palatine Township. Other connected Democrats were also in the crowd. The protesters brought juvenile and teenage children to inflate their ranks, and the media cameramen used optical illusions that increased their apparent numbers. Not all of the protesters were Democratic partisans, but this was, without question, an event orchestrated by the Democratic Party and enhanced by the media. Likewise, Representative Nancy Pelosi and Senator Charles Schumer forgot to bring the “real people” to their TEAR Party event outside the Supreme Court. Examples of paid protesters and hired actors abound.

The TEAR parties bear little resemblance to the TEA parties. The TEA parties grew as people experienced the pain of excessive government, informed themselves and addressed their concerns to both political parties. The TEA parties will be long-lived, as the sword of bad government perpetually hangs above our heads. The TEAR parties are organized by Democrats, and consist of partisans and misinformed masses whose grievances are based mostly on slander and deception, and are aimed at Republicans alone. Those who honestly care about policy are acting separately from and more productively than the TEAR parties. The pool of gimmes and misinformed is also perpetual, but always in flux. Lacking any substance, the TEAR parties cry and disrupt. The Republican committeeman for Palatine made an interesting observation: the Illinois municipal elections are fast approaching, but rather than creating a slate of candidates, the Palatine Democrats have chosen to throw a tantrum.


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