Obama Lies About Wiretapping Having Orchestrated A Plot To Topple Trump


Time and time again you can see the Left doing exactly what they are accusing their opposition of doing. So in his campaigns of 2007 & 2011, Obama promises no more wiretapping of American citizens, in the process accusing the Bush Administration of doing just that. So what does he proceed to do? Wiretap innocent American citizens culmination with the wiretapping of Donald Trump. He wiretapped reporter James Rosen along with a number of other reporters. Most recently in addition to wiretapping Trump, he did the same to Mike Flynn and Jeff Sessions.

This whole Russian hacking the election story has now been revealed as a plan to cripple the Trump Administration and/or remove the President from office. Remember the Left accuses its opposition of doing exactly what it is doing. It is the Democrats who, throughout their history, have been soft on Russia. From FDR who had Soviet sympathizers in his Administration right up through the Obama Administration who employed such Communist fellow travelers as Van Jones, the Democrats have lauded the Soviet Union, now Russia. In their eyes, it could do no wrong. It was the Republicans, and Joseph McCarthy, who were virulently anti-Communist. It was Ronald Reagan who went to Berlin and exclaimed, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

When Romney met Obama in the Presidential debates he declared Russia the biggest threat to America and our number one enemy. Remember how Obama and the rest of the Left scoffed at Romney? Russia is no longer a threat, said Obama. But now just 4 years later, all of a sudden, that line has been completely reversed. What prompted the change?

Obama and other Democrat leaders hatched a plot to ensure that if by some wild chance that Trump should win, that they would have the ammunition to force him out of office. They would declare malfeasance on the part of Trump.

As Wikileaks exposed to the public Hillary’s and John Podesta’s E-Mails that had been LEAKED not HACKED, the Democrats had to counter this damaging information with an even greater threat that would take the eyes of the American people off these damaging revelations. So they INVENTED the story of Russians hacking the election. We all know that Russsia, along with China and others, has been doing its share of hacking into America. But this new charge was setting the table to claim that Trump was in on the conspiracy and that Hillary only lost the election because of Russian hacking. There was no HACKING only LEAKING and the best guess at who was doing that was American Intelligence Officials who saw Hillary as a threat to this nation. No evidence was ever supplied to this charge.

The President publicly acknowledging this Russian threat then assured the American people he was taking measures to investigate and stop this Russian interference. Those measures included the wiretapping of numerous Republicans all the way up to Trump. How better to dig up dirt on your opponents and to know their campaign strategy? So the FBI tapped all Republican personnel.

Next ambush Trump appointees at their Confirmation Hearings in hopes of trapping them in a denial that wasn’t true or saying something that could be used against them at a later date.

After that delay the appointment of all Trump Cabinet Secretaries so that Obama holdover underlings stay in power as long as possible. By getting Jeff Sessions to resign or recuse himself from any Russian hacking investigation, that process falls to the 2nd in command who happens to still be an Obama holdover. This 2nd in command could appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate even though Trump and the Administration objects.

And the last step is to get that Special Prosecutor who will have Carte Blanche to go on a witch hunt against President Trump. That could cripple or topple Trump.

The Federalist Papers report:

If you’re going to tell a lie, make it a whopper.

That must be what the folks around Barack Obama were thinking when they said the former president “never ordered surveillance” on any United States citizen during his time in office.

Numerous facts prove that assertion to be completely and rather blatantly false.

Here’s what they said when President Trump leveled accusations that the Trump Tower had been wiretapped by President Obama during the transition:

Neither @barackobama nor any WH official under Obama has ever ordered surveillance on any US Citizen. Any suggestion is unequivocally false

Of course, there’s plenty of evidence that the exact opposite is true.

Here’s the New York Times on Jan. 19 of this year:

One official said intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications [of Donald Trump] had been provided to the White House.

In fact, as Heat Street reported, the FBI granted a special warrant to wiretap Donald Trump:

Two separate sources with links to the counter-intelligence community have confirmed to Heat Street that the FBI sought, and was granted, a FISA court warrant in October, giving counter-intelligence permission to examine the activities of ‘U.S. persons’ in Donald Trump’s campaign with ties to Russia.

But forget President Trump for a bit.

In 2013, the Obama Administration wiretapped Associated Press reporter James Rosen. They wiretapped his parents.

The Associated Press wiretapped 20 reporters at the Associated Press in 2012.

Perhaps you remember Candidate Obama promising “no more wiretapping on American citizens,” but then as president, seeming to backtrack on that.


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