James Comey A Democrat Shill

James Comey is the consummate politician. He can talk out of both sides of his mouth and take positions favoring one political party then the other. His close association with the Clintons has not been publicized but it is quite evident on close scrutiny.

Comey could have recommended that Hillary be prosecuted. Instead, he slammed her for what she did with her private server but never pulled the trigger to advise prosecution. In that manner, he appeared to be favoring the Republicans while at the very same time he was benefitting the Democrats.

In the present circumstances, he continues to pursue an investigation into Trump collusion with the Russians when there is no evidence of such action. On the other hand, we have no idea if he is investigating serious government Leaks which we know for a fact are happening because he will not tell us.

Comey is not one to be trusted and someone should investigate him. There is no doubt that he is trying to use the FBI Directorship as a springboard to greater personal political achievments. As such he is a political operative rather than an objective law enforcement officer.

James Comey is a Democrat shill.

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