Obama Warrantless Spying On Trump Was Sick And Disturbing

What you are going to hear from the Left and the media after Nunes’ revelations are technicalities, Obama didn’t pull the trigger, the tapping was not done specifically on Trump and his team but was information learned from their conversation with foreigners who were tapped. Therefore there was no tapping of Trump and his team.

But what that argument glosses over is the rule change that Obama made in regards to sharing of intelligence. By broadening recipients of intelligence, Obama, who did so as a parting shot in the waning hours of his Administration, enabled too many cooks in the kitchen. Or to put it more plainly he made it much easier for private government intelligence to be leaked. And he knew what he was doing. It was a deliberate knife in the back to a new Republican Administration who he hated.

The Deep State that is very ideological then made the situation even worse by not masking American identities who got caught up in the wiretapping of others who were foreigners. This is a felony. Again this was a deliberate action taken by Democrats to hinder a new Republican Administration.

And all the mainstream media and the Democrats want to continue to talk about is that Trump was not directly targeted, therefore he is lying. What is being overlooked is the fact that Trump and his Administration has been hurt, hindered and slandered by the American Intelligence Community. However you want to characterize it, it still comes out as dirty dealing, felonious assault of the President of the United States. So can we please stop with the technicalities and realize that this is dirty pool?


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