Multiculturalists Bring Back Separate But Equal


There is a big misunderstanding about what Multiculturalism really means. Many people think it just means respect for other cultures and the willingness to live amongst other cultures. NOT SO.

Multiculturalism teaches that ALL CULTURES ARE EQUAL, AND therefore each individual culture in a country should be able to operate under its own cultural rules and exist separately in their own enclaves.

This is why Multiculturalists oppose making the English language the official language of the U.S.A. Schools, government, even traffic signs should all be in as many languages as are prevalent in each cultural tradition say the Multiculturalists.

ASSIMILATION IS EVIL, say the Multiculturalists.

And that brings you to the situation where in Western nations Sharia Law Muslims demand to have their own courts to enable them to practice female genital mutilation, honor killings and the subjugation of women in general, all anathema to the society’s laws in which they inhabit.

Allowing disparate communities to exist with their own Constitutions, as Multiculturalism does, creates tension, anger and even violence between different societies who have different values and different ways at looking at life.

But we can’t leave without asking: Didn’t we do away with SEPARATE BUT EQUAL during the Civil Rights movement? Why do we want to bring it back now?


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