Obama Weaponized American Intelligence – Part 7


Susan Rice

Susan Rice as National Security Advisor, who does she work for, who does she report to? President Obama and no one else.So what are the chances that Rice just went out on this crusade to solve the Russian collusion scandal on her own without the knowledge of her boss, President Obama? But the National Security Advisor is not an Investigative Office. It is a political and Management office. The investigations are done by the FBI, NSA, CIA and Homeland Security. If Susan Rice thought there was something illegal going on her course of action would be to inform these Investigating Agencies and let them do the investigating. Therefore, her sifting through thousands of wiretapped surveillance calls, even if it was done to root out Russian collusion, was not her job.

The evidence so far shows that some of the unmaskings she did was on calls that had nothing to do with Russia. So the inference one can draw, is that these unmaskings that Rice was doing were strictly for political purposes.

The Federalist Papers reports:

As more information comes out about what Susan Rice did or didn’t know (she already lied previously by claiming she knew nothing about any unmasking), it’s becoming clear that the unmasking of Trump team names from intelligence gathering was intentional.

What isn’t quite clear is why it was being done. It obviously didn’t help Hillary Clinton win, even if that was the original intent. What would be the purpose after Donald Trump already won? To try and undermine his presidency before it even began?

Democrats have always been underhanded and even criminal when it comes to getting what they want. The ends always justify the means in their minds.

This investigation is proving to show that the only interference in the presidential election seems to have come from Democrats and not the Russians. It also seems to be winding up to be far worse than Watergate ever was. From National Review:

“In general, it is the FBI that conducts investigations that bear on American citizens suspected of committing crimes or of acting as agents of foreign powers. In the matter of alleged Russian meddling, the investigative camp also includes the CIA and the NSA. All three agencies conducted a probe and issued a joint report in January. That was after Obama, despite having previously acknowledged that the Russian activity was inconsequential, suddenly made a great show of ordering an inquiry and issuing sanctions.”

” Consequently, if unmasking was relevant to the Russia investigation, it would have been done by those three agencies. And if it had been critical to know the identities of Americans caught up in other foreign intelligence efforts, the agencies that collect the information and conduct investigations would have unmasked it. Because they are the agencies that collect and refine intelligence “products” for the rest of the “intelligence community,” they are responsible for any unmasking; and they do it under “minimization” standards that FBI Director James Comey, in recent congressional testimony, described as “obsessive” in their determination to protect the identities and privacy of Americans.”

“Understand: There would have been no intelligence need for Susan Rice to ask for identities to be unmasked. If there had been a real need to reveal the identities — an intelligence need based on American interests — the unmasking would have been done by the investigating agencies.”

“The national-security adviser is not an investigator. She is a White House staffer. The president’s staff is a consumer of intelligence, not a generator or collector of it. If Susan Rice was unmasking Americans, it was not to fulfill an intelligence need based on American interests; it was to fulfill a political desire based on Democratic-party interests. [emphasis added]”

There are a lot of problems with the stories Democrats are trying to spin, especially from known liar Susan Rice. What was supposed to be an investigation about Russian interference seems to be turning into a Democrat-controlled conspiracy against Trump’s presidency — one that spreads much further than just one Obama adviser.


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