End The Filibuster For Health Care Insurance Legislation



We have been over the way to a low-cost health care insurance program before:

  1. return to the Free Market pricing for insurance premiums
  2. remove any mandate to purchase
  3. remove any mandate to what is covered. Let each insuree pick and choose what they want to be covered in their policy
  4. remove all subsidies from health care insurance. If a person cannot truly pay for insurance then put them on a means-tested Medicaid system.
  5. Allow health care insurance to be sold across state lines
  6. Tort reform
  7. Institute a government subsidized high-risk pool. Remove the chronically ill from having to compete within the health care insurance program.
  8. Offer before tax Health Savings Accounts


And then there is this thought from American Thinker:

The ‘Free Market’ and Universal Health Care

With ObamaCare, Democrats destroyed the market for private health insurance and then supplanted it with what they had the chutzpah to call “the Marketplace.” The people whom ObamaCare hurt the most were those who had been buying health insurance in that pre-existing market and who had paid the full price for it themselves but who are now paying more and getting less. Everyone else, those receiving federal subsidies to buy private insurance policies and those thrown onto Medicaid, got welfare from ObamaCare. Consequently, the first objective of Republican repeal and replace efforts should be to undo the harm visited upon those who, by buying health insurance, were already doing what Democrats forced other Americans to do under ObamaCare.

How to achieve that objective? Congress must restore the “free market.” America hasn’t had a free market in health insurance for decades. If the GOP wants to create a free market for private health insurance, they might consider this:

In a free market, prices are the Great Regulator. But why would health insurance companies compete on price when people are required to purchase their product? So scrap the individual mandate to buy insurance. And how can the price of premiums moderate when policies must cover every conceivable outlay? So the “essential health benefits” that ObamaCare requires insurance companies to cover, such as birth control, need to be optional. Congress also needs to require all healthcare providers to charge the same prices to all payers. Charging different prices for the same thing is the most blatant form of cost-shifting.

The ObamaCare subsidy program also needs to be scrapped. It’s one of the worst ideas of ObamaCare, and it stymies the possibility of a truly free market. And the subsidies shouldn’t be supplanted with RyanCare’s tax credits. The federal government shouldn’t be assisting people to buy private health insurance policies. In healthcare and most other things, the public and the private should be separate. The folks receiving ObamaCare subsidies can be put on Medicaid.

It should now be clear that the Democrat minority in Congress is not interested in working with Republicans. All the Dems are thinking about is getting back their majority. And now they have forced the end of the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees. Therefore, Republicans should end the filibuster for legislation, too. They should craft a complete replacement for ObamaCare, replete with tort reform, buying across state lines, and everything else that would create a free market and bring prices down. And then, if need be, pass the thing with 51 votes.

If this seems a bridge too far, remember that one of the reasons ObamaCare is such an awful piece of legislation is because of having to dance around the filibuster; read this short history by Dr. Brian Joondeph. The Dems waited for months for the election in Minnesota to be finalized and to provide them their 60th vote, (some think that Senate seat was stolen in the recounts). Americans are less concerned about the institutional niceties of Senate rules and traditions than in getting some relief and certainty. So end the filibuster now, Republicans, because when the Dems come back into the majority, they’re sure to.


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