Radical Environmentalists Still Scaring People With Doomsday Predictions


Environmental Wackos have been scamming people for almost 100 years….Bill calls out the green meanies of today!



I’m all for clean air, clean water, getting rid of toxic dumps and prosecuting those that create them. But Carbon is not a hazardous substance. CO2 is what we breathe out and what plant life breathes in. Carbon is a basic element created by God, it is not a man-made chemical that pollutes. I’m for the Environment. Let’s take care of mother earth. But let’s not delude ourselves with fairy tales by agenda driven people who have ulterior political and economic motives.

We hear now and then from religious gurus who proclaim that the earth will be destroyed by such and such a date. THE END IS NEAR! That reflects a faith based on zero substantivity. Who would think that there would be like-minded scientists with the same schtick?

Listen, folks, the Polar Bears are doing fine, reproducing in massive numbers, the arctic and antarctic ice are growing and the seas are not going to flood the East Coast or West Coast cities. DON’T PANIC! You are being fed a line of hogwash in order that your pocketbook can be fleeced. Wake up and smell the roses!

The Daily Republic reports:

Climate change scare continues

Remember global warming, the idea that human activity is causing atmospheric temperature to rise? Remember the stories of drought starving millions of people; melting icecaps threatening polar bears; sea levels rising to inundate coastal cities?

Official data showed global temperature increasing since the mid-1970s. Temperature stopped rising in the late 1990s; so proponents of global warming called it “climate change.” And the scare tactics continued.

Let’s look at facts.

Has the atmosphere been warmer? Yes, many times! For example, during the Medieval Warm Period – the 10th to 13th centuries – it was much warmer than today. Greenland was named by Viking settlers because its coastal areas were covered with vegetation. Climate turned cold again – the Little Ice Age, the 15th to 19th centuries – and the Vikings abandoned their Greenland colony.

 Has it been colder? Yes, many times! We have geologic records of major ice ages. The last one began around 15,000 years ago; ice covered half the northern hemisphere for several thousand years.Earth’s atmosphere experiences regular warming and cooling cycles. Very slowly, climate is always changing.

What causes global warming? The sun is the primary source of energy that affects Earth. Solar energy heats the land and the oceans, which warm the air above them.

Does CO2 cause global temperatures to rise? CO2 is a tiny fraction of the gases in the atmosphere – historically between 0.02 percent and 0.04 percent – and there is no proof that it has any effect on air temperature.

The key fact is this: When long-term plots of global temperature and CO2 concentration are overlaid, CO2 lags behind temperature. Global temperatures rise; then CO2 concentration increases – the opposite of what proponents or global warming say.

Here’s the likely reason: Oceans are the main repository of CO2. As sea temperatures rise, CO2 comes out of solution – just like your soda or beer.

Why all the fuss? Note that environmentalists and politicians lead the charge.

Environmentalists try to stop growth by predicting disaster if the atmosphere warms, with no evidence that such outcomes are feasible. Geologic records show that CO2 concentration rises and falls regardless of human activity – back when we were hunter-gatherers and today in our energy-intensive world.

Some scientists jumped on the global warming bandwagon, seeing a way to keep money flowing to their projects. They altered temperature data to support their premise. Most notorious was the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; investigators found that its conclusions were based on cherry-picked and even fabricated data. That’s called fraud!

Politicians see global warming as a way to raise revenue – taxing CO2 production with schemes such as California’s “cap-and-trade” program. Billions of dollars are wasted every year, complying with government mandates to reduce carbon emissions.

Recent local tax measures incorporate some aspect of global warming.

  • Last year’s Measure AA put a $12 tax on every parcel of property in the Bay Area.
  • The program called Moving Solano Forward is a current effort to recruit businesses into our county; Fairfield’s proposed share (our taxes) is $45,000 per year.

Both of these project sea levels rising dramatically; and taxpayers will pay to mitigate them.

Promoters or climate change ignore the human cost of their schemes. They want to reduce CO2 to below 1980 levels. What would happen? Large sectors of our economy – powered by coal, oil and natural gas – would shut down. Everyone would suffer. Earth’s climate would continue to cycle, as it always has.

Solar, wind and hydro systems cannot meet our energy requirements. Those technologies will evolve, maybe someday supplying much of our needs. In the meantime, we should use the natural resources so abundant in our country.

And government officials – state, county, city, schools – have to show some common sense.


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