An Answer To Those Who Suffer From Trump Derangement Syndrome


The Left doesn’t get it. The Conservative Right doesn’t want to get it. And the Establishment, Republican, and Democrat,  entrenched in Washington get it but want no part of it.

The Liberal/ Left are fueling a divide in this country that is tearing it apart. They are so imbibed in their own ideology that they can’t understand how anybody could think differently from what they think. They act from what they consider a position of moral superiority. All opposition is heretical and if you are part of their opposition you need to be excommunicated.

Even worse is that many Liberal/Left sycophants and parasites have hardly ever been exposed to another point of view. Those that live on the West Coast – California, Oregon & Washinton – and those on the Northeast Coast – Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey (+ Philadelphia), Delaware, Maryland, D.C. – live in their own little world of make believe. And the media resides there with them as well as our federal government. They all talk back and forth to each other making sure they never expose themselves to another way of life.

But there is another way of life in the United States with a whole set of different values, ethics, morals, and view of societal makeup. It’s called Middle America – THE HEARTLAND. The Left calls it THE FLY OVER ZONE, and they look down their noses in disgust at this part of the country. It is these people who have been ignored, slandered, spit on and debased for too many years. In the last election they banded together to tell the world they are not going to take it anymore.

To understand this point of view a Liberal Leftie needs to spend some time in Tennessee, South Carolina, Nebraska, Utah or similar states and get to know the alternative way of life and its values. The people in the Heartland don’t need to do the same in Liberal states because they are bombarded daily with a Liberal/Left media, Hollywood in the same mode, and Colleges and Universities who are brainwashing their kids.

Trump won in the year of revolt (see Brexit) because he bonded with the Heartland and its values and #2, he championed the cause of Union and the non Union manufacturing Blue Collar workers, who the Democrat Party had tossed aside to cater to Minorities and Illegals. The Illegals are bringing down the average wage and taking jobs away from established American citizens.

To understand the Trump victory is to realize that the American people have spoken and that the Far Left Socialist Experiment of Barrack Obama and the Democrats is over. The majority of Americans saw what out of control government did to their lives and they want no part of it anymore.

But the Liberal/Left wants to trash its opposition, especially Trump. They have blinders on, going into battle flailing away with their sword to destroy all opposition in their path. They think that they can just shout down and shut down all DENIERS. But along comes somebody who sees the division and can explain it. That person would be Tucker Carlson. And the video above should wake up those who still understand logic and reason and who ae not operating with a closed mind.

Incidentally, those who claim FOX News has gone Liberal and is dead need to realize that Tucker Carlson has taken over Bill O’Reilly’s time slot and as long as he is on the air logic and reason will rule the day at FOX.



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