The Difference Between Left And Right Protest

Leftist Violence


The Right does protest, witness the Tea Party in past years. The difference is the Right doesn’t do VIOLENCE. The Right doesn’t go to your job or to your house with bullhorns. The Right doesn’t disrupt Leftist speakers or scream and shout them down.

The lack of civility in the United States and the rise of street violence can clearly be laid at the doorstep of the Left. As the Left, even with the help of the media, continues to lose in the arena of public opinion, they resort more and more to VIOLENCE.

We are witnessing the era of Left Wing thugs and goons, not just at colleges and universities but also on our streets.

The Federalist Papers reports:

Kimberly Morin writes that by now it’s become quite clear that the ‘antifa’ protesters really stand for nothing more than Anti-First Amendment. They abhor free speech, unless it’s their own and seek to shut down any other free speech that disagrees with them.

Antifa is anti-First Amendment To date, cowards like those who run Berkeley College in California, have allowed them to shut down the speech of others. Even when speeches have been shut down, the basement dwellers still got violent and rioted.

Trump supporters fight back. Over the weekend, these free speech haters got a little taste of their own medicine when they tried to shut down a pro-Trump rally at Berkley. They literally got a beat down because the pro-Trump supporters didn’t merely shut up and cower in a corner.

What next? As a result of these skirmishes over the weekend, some interesting information has been seen across the interwebs on Reddit. From Bearing Arms:

After suffering what can only be described as a complete route after attacking a march of Trump supporters in Berkeley (CA) this past weekend, violent left wing “Antifa” (self-proclaimed anti-fascists) radical are preparing for war.

The comment thread is interesting, especially the following exchanges.







So these people, who can’t have an actual discussion about the issues, now want to use even more physical violence AND firearms as well? Who are the fascists again?

Why does it matter? It matters because these psychotic tools of the extreme left will, like their heroes of Communism, use violence to continue their silencing of those who disagree with them.

Nothing good will come out of this because many more on the right are actually trained and have been proponents of the 2nd Amendment for years. The fascists of antifa are against the 2nd Amendment.

Anyone who claims to be fighting for a cause yet refuses to show their face as part of the crowd is nothing but a coward who knows deep inside they aren’t fighting for a damn thing. Antifa is nothing but a puppet of Communists who have been having wet dreams of power in the United States for decades.

Unfortunately for Commies, a majority of people in the U.S. aren’t morons but they hit pay dirt with millennials like those at Berkeley who don’t know a thing about freedom.


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