Mueller Should Be Investigating The Democrat’s Russian Collusion

Who said, “This is my last election. And after my election, I have more flexibility?” (Obama to Medvedev)

Who sold 20% of US Uranium to the Russians?

Who shut down the Eastern European Missile Defense System aimed at Russia?

Who instituted the Russian reset?

In regards to influencing foreign elections what about Obama sending money and his campaign staff to Israel to defeat Netanyahu?

Domestically, who stole the Democrat nomination from Bernie Sanders?

The DNC refused to have the FBI examine its computers.  Whoever leaked the emails did the country a favor, because the emails documented the lies and corruption of Hillary.  Still, Hillary won the popular vote by over two million but lost the critical battleground states.  To believe that the Russians affected the election means that only the voters in the battleground states, like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, paid attention to the emails.

We needed special counsel to investigate Fast and Furious; the IRS harassment of conservatives; and, most importantly, Hillary’s use of an unsecured email system in violation of laws and regulations.  But the Obama Justice Department brushed aside calls for special counsel, and of course, the MSM, the mouthpiece of the Obama administration, never pressed for special counsel.

Yet the MSM has been clamoring for a special prosecutor since Inauguration Day strictly to undo the election.

Mueller should move quickly to end this farce… J Marsolo.

Quora reports:

Bruce Byers

It has the authority to investigate anything connected with the DNC hack and Russia-Trump conspiring together.

Correction: Why is everyone saying “collusion?” The term applies to price fixing. It’s a crime, yes, but it’s not what is in view here. What is in view here is CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. Its the wrong term, if you see this: Collusion

To get to a criminal conspiracy, you need a crime at the base of the investigation. I have not seen a crime alleged. In fact, all the people who have looked at this come away with the same conclusion, that there may not be a crime at the root. It is not a crime to talk to Russia. It’s not a crime to do business with Russia. It may not even be a crime for Russia to hack the DNC, as I cannot find a statute that applies and I cannot find any Russian who has ever been tried for such a hack. It’s been done hundreds of times, and no prosecution I can find.

If there is no crime, there is no criminal conspiracy. And even if there were a crime, you’d need to prove Russia did it. That proof, if it exists, is on the DNC server that nobody has examined. Eventually, all rodes lead to the DNC server.

If Mueller wants to prosecute, he will need to examine the server and get the proof that will stand up in court that Russia did it. Then he needs proof that Russia entered into a criminal conspiracy with Trump to do it. To date there is not one piece of evidence to involve Trump or his associates in a criminal conspiracy.

I don’t know what Trump is alleged to have done. Did he ask them to do it? Help them? Pay for them to do it? Give them the access codes? What is it that Trump allegedly did, other than say some marginally encouraging words?

I don’t think they have evidence of the conspiracy. But this much I can say: if they are serious, the FBI will take the DNC server and do a forensic exam. If they discover any evidence that Russia did the hack, you have a start of a case. If they don’t, or if the DNC has wiped the server, or if the evidence is inconclusive, I don’t see how you can get a conviction. .

Here is where it could become a very risky proposition. If Mueller discovers, on the forensic exam, evidence that compromises the DNC, say for example evidence that they conspired to freeze Bernie out of the race, or evidence that Donna Brazile gave questions to Hillary, it will not be good for the DNC. And if the server has been wiped, you get treated to a very bad outcome and a charge of spoliation of evidence.



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