Progressives Gone Wild

You can see from watching Democrat Activist Crystal Ball that the Left is grasping at straws to impeach President Trump. They have gone stark raving mad! There is no substance to their claims yet day in and day out they pollute the airwaves with their supercilious superior morality without anything concrete to justify their wrath.

Why was President Obama not impeached for his illegal use of the IRS to deny Conservative-Christian groups of 501(c)3 status? Why has Obama not been prosecuted for illegal surveillance of American citizens? Why was Obama not impeached for legislating from the White House and other violations of the Constitution?

American Thinker reports:

TheBlaze had an article titled “Amid obstruction allegations, political science professor shares ‘more powerful’ case against Trump.”

In the article, Professor Andrew Stark of the University of Toronto says:

[T]he “more powerful” case against does not involve criminal actions, but possible violations of his constitutional oath of office to “take care that the laws are faithfully executed.”

Why can’t TheBlaze ask why it was okay for Obama and his Justice Department to continually ignore their oath by not enforcing immigration laws?  Why is it okay for sanctuary city mayors and governors to violate their oaths, and why was it okay for Hillary and her staff along with Obama and anyone else who sent Hillary documents to continually violate the nation’s security laws?

Why was it okay for IRS to violate people’s First Amendment rights, destroy computers, withhold documents, and still not be prosecuted by Holder?  Why wasn’t Holder prosecuted and fired for perjury?

Professors, the media, Democrats, and the Justice Department never cared about obeying oaths of office and obstruction of justice throughout Obama’s eight years, but now they all of a sudden are concerned about Trump.  Of course, they still don’t want immigration laws enforced, so it is only laws they like that Trump has to follow.

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