Deep State Planning Coup D’état

It is now quite obvious that the Left intends to force an overthrow of the federal government. They will lay the groundwork with the lies of Fake News, the total obstruction of the Democrats who in their RESIST movement refuse to approve anything that Trump proposes, continuous Leaks from the White House and Executive Branch, the payment via George Soros of protesters, violence in the streets by paid mercenary thugs and the collusion of the media.

The Left’s plan will ferment a Civil War in this nation. The economy will collapse, the stock market will go into a Bear Market and roving gangs will terrorize the streets. People could stop reporting to work.

Is this what you want for this nation? Well then put a stop to it.

Orderly, lawful disagreement with the President is one thing. Violence and an overthrow of government is another. We have never chosen the path of Third World countries in our history. We have always followed the Rule of Law and the peaceful transfer of power. Now is not the time to watch Trump call out the military on our soil.

For a printout of this news see:

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