The Regressive Left Thinks It Acts From A Position Of Moral Superiority


Time and time again The Lexington Libertarian has pointed out that the nation is being led by a cadre of elites who operate from The Boston to Washington corridor and the West Coast. We call this “Beltway Politics.” All the news stories, the movies from Hollywood, the media in all its forms from printed to television, the think Tanks, the Study Groups, the prestige Universities, – ALL OPINION originates from East and West Coast where cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York and Boston dominate what is thought, what is said and what is published. Again and again these overwhelming elitists of the Left talk back and forth to each other excluding all other opinions and thought.

They operate from a position of moral superiority disdaining and trying to muzzle and outlaw all whose opinions differ with theirs. They have the one and only true way. So they think. In order to enforce what they believe on the rest of the American people the Left has become increasingly totalitarian. Think of the US Constitution and the Bill of rights. The Left desires to limit the freedom of Free Speech. And to take away the right of religious freedom when it conflicts with their agenda. That is a major remake of the First Amendment. They also seek to do a major remake on the Second Amendment, the right of citizens to bear arms.

Try discussing with a Leftist the two biggest planks in their catechism:

  1. Abortion
  2. Man Made Global Warming (Climate Change if you insist)

They call skeptics of their Environmental totalitarianism “DENIERS” and seek to fine and jail them just for expressing an alternative position. They refuse to let anybody on the Supreme Court who is Pro Life and even though they promised they would not they make Pro Life people pay for abortions in Obamacare and elsewhere. See the Little sisters of the Poor.

But these Leftist Havens are a small part of the rest of America. There is the Heartland or Middle America which the Left calls “Fly Over Territory.” Here we find a whole set of traditional values that the Left looks down their noses at. While the Left controls much of the opinion and the debate in American society from its elitist enclaves, a vast geographical area of the country does not share the same values. Try visiting Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Nebraska, Kansas, Indiana and other states where the Left does not rule or control thought.  There is a whole part of our country that is fed up with being controlled by Leftist thought and Leftist politicians. Such is one reason Donald Trump was elected President.

Many talk about the deep divide we are experiencing in the nation today. It is a divide we have always had but it has never been so pronounced or so bitter as today. The reason for that bitterness is that the Left, rather than debating ideas and principles, has decided that they must now resort to totalitarian control and violence to impose their will on the rest of the nation who disagree with them. They think they operate from a position of moral superiority and that this gives them license to dictate to others.

We on the Right know otherwise.

Biden Questions Democrats For Ignoring Middle America  | May 30th, 2017

Former Vice President Joe Biden criticized the Democratic party for ignoring middle-class voters.

Biden argued that Democrats’ rhetoric failed to address the concerns of middle-class Americans and offered no solutions for their real struggles to make ends meet.

With these concerns affecting voters across the country, Democrats have only themselves to blame for their years of monumental losses.

Via NBC News:

“Former Vice President Joe Biden questioned the Democratic Party’s strategy for targeting middle-class voters, suggesting Sunday that Democrats “haven’t spoken enough to the fears and aspirations to the people we come from.”

“Because of the negative campaign that [President Donald] Trump ran, how much did we hear about that guy making 50,000 bucks on an assembly line, [and] the woman — his wife — making $28,000 as a hostess?” Biden asked a crowd of 1,200 at a campaign rally here.

“They have $78,000, two kids, [are] living in a metropolitan area, and they can hardly make it,” he said. “When was the last time you heard us talk about those people?”

American Thinker reports:

Influential lefty journo admits ‘internal sickness’ of Dems


Matt Taibbi has carved out a position as a provocative and honest progressive journalist, as well as a vivid and entertaining writer.  Writing at Rolling Stone, he enhances that reputation by being bluntly honest (from his perspective) about why the Democratic Party has fallen to its weakest electoral standing since 1929.  He disdains both President Trump and the Republicans, so his mission is to understand how it is possible to lose to such reprobates.  He writes:

The unspoken subtext of a lot of the Democrats’ excuse-making is their growing belief that the situation is hopeless – and not just because of fixable institutional factors like gerrymandering, but because we simply have a bad/irredeemable electorate that can never be reached.

This is why the “basket of deplorables” comment last summer was so devastating. That the line would become a sarcastic rallying cry for Trumpites was inevitable. (Of course it birthed a political merchandising supernova.) To many Democrats, the reaction proved the truth of Clinton’s statement. As in: we’re not going to get the overwhelming majority of these yeehaw-ing “deplorable” votes anyway, so why not call them by their names?

But the “deplorables” comment didn’t just further alienate already lost Republican votes. It spoke to an internal sickness within the Democratic Party, which had surrendered to a negativistic vision of a hopelessly divided country.

Things are so polarized now that, as Georgia State professor Jennifer McCoy put it on NPR this spring, each side views the other not as fellow citizens with whom they happen to disagree, but as a “threatening enemy to be vanquished.”

The “deplorables” comment formalized this idea that Democrats had given up on a huge chunk of the population, and now sought only to defeat and subdue their enemies.

This is undeniably true and has been obvious to most of us on the right.  But our views cannot penetrate the blue bubble precisely because we are deplorables.  Taibbi, on the other hand, is calling out his comrades and enjoys a lot of credibility among them.

But he sees only part of the problem:

You can’t just dismiss people as lost, even bad or misguided people. Unless every great thinker from Christ to Tolstoy to Gandhi to Dr. King is wrong, it’s especially those people you have to keep believing in, and trying to reach.

The Democrats have forgotten this. …

They don’t seem to have anything to say to voters in flyover country, except to point out that they’re (at best) dupes for falling for Republican rhetoric.

But “Republicans are bad” isn’t a message or a plan, which is why the Democrats have managed the near impossible: losing ground overall during the singular catastrophe of the Trump presidency.

This is sound strategic advice.  But the Democrats cannot act on it for a reason that Taibbi does not mention.  The kind of Democrats who disdain Trump voters, and indeed much of middle America, have an enormous psychological investment in being better than these people.  Their egos need constant reinforcement that their personal investment in education and careerism has paid off, that they have achieved a higher moral and intellectual ground than the hoi polloi.  

Their own sense of self-worth becomes in part dependent on the other (that bugaboo of the progressive mind) being bad.  Normally, when leftist intellectuals blather on about “the other,” they have in mind the oppressed, who can be pretty much anyone but heterosexual Caucasian males and the women who cleave to them.  It is this remnant that still constitutes a solid majority of the voting public, which is available for potential demonization in the leftist mind, since it is not a “protected class” (why isn’t this status called being an “unprotected class”?).  So this group, that heavily voted for Trump, is the enemy that many progressives need if they are to validate their inflated notions of their own importance, erudition, and all-around worthiness.

It’s hard to see the left acting on Taibbi’s observations and reaching out to those whom they scorn.  It comes at too high a cost to their egos.

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