Hoodwinking Americans Is Part Of The Environmentalist Agenda

The Liberal/Left will do anything to further their agenda – lie, cheat, slander, makeup false data, employ thugs to scare people – ANYTHING. Man Made Global Warming is the darling of the Left. It is what they hang their hat on. They know, while many Americans do not, that radical Environmental activism will be a giant tool for world wide income redistribution, largely at the expense of the United States.

The Left goes from one crisis to another. Always, every day of their lives, there is a crisis to be dealt with. Yesterday it was Global Cooling, today it is Global Warming. Whatever the cause may be it calls for action to remedy the problem and that action means to the Left more control, more government control over the lives of American citizens. In order to get you, John Q Public, to vote for their radical agenda they seek to SCARE YOU TO DEATH! Don’t fall for it. Look at their record of extremist claims. Demand proof positive. We don’t call thee people “Alarmists” for nothing.

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