Spying Is Out Of Control – Why You Should Care

Judge Napolitano’s Chambers: Judge Andrew Napolitano reacts to the hyper secrecy behind the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and how that leads to a lack of transparency that affects the public

NSA was never set up to spy on American citizens and a recent court decision has slapped the writs of NSA for doing so. The fact that the FISA court was not able to control NSA as it should have, the fact that President Obama used NSA domestic spying to harm his opponents means that we need to make this whole process less secretive and more transparent.

All this spying has led to information overload crippling the discovery of acts of terror in advance. If we concentrated on known suspects and possible evil doers then we might be more successful in thwarting terror.

Most damning was Obama’s Executive Order just a few months before leaving office, that raw, highly classified data could be shared among all the Federal Agencies breaking the tradition that has existed from the beginning that such information be kept within a few Intelligence Agencies only. He knew, by doing this, that it would be very easy for this information to be leaked to the public and that much harder to trace the leaks. This is precisely why, along with the fact that many career bureaucrats are Democrats, that Leaks in the Trump Administration have been non stop.

Democrats, Liberal, Leftists will stop at nothing to destroy Republicans and those who fail to help further their agenda. Remember that the next time you go to the voting booth.



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