The Forgotten Americans

Victor Davis Hanson is one of America’s great historians. We talk about him and feature him a lot here on The Lexington Libertarian.

What Prof. Hanson is saying here is that there are two distinctive, different cultures in the United States, hence the observation that we are a nation divided in two. Let’s, for purposes of illustration label them as 1) The Ivy League Coastal People and 2) The Heartland Blue Collar People.

The Heartland Blue Collar People, although they often disagree with the agenda of the Ivy League Coastal People, yet they understand them. The Ivy League Coastal People have little understanding of the Heartland Blue Collar People. They can’t quite figure them out and they often look down their noses at them.

After McCain and Romney, who had Ivy League Coastal values, were soundly defeated the Heartland Blue collar People said for our next President we do not want Obama Light. We want someone with some backbone no matter how brash to stop the decimation of the Middle Class. We are the Forgotten men and women of the nation and we are tired of being dumped on.

Along came a man running for President who was an Ivy League Coastal person who had Heartland Blue Collar values and understood the average wage earner in the U.S.A. Although a billionaire he could often be sen hob knobing with Blue Collar workers. He genuinely enjoyed socializing with such people and he promised them that they were forgotten no more.That man was Donald Trump.

And in as few words as possible, now you know the rest of the story.


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