The Best of Dennis Prager

I recently said that the video in this post was the most important video you will view this year – The Morality Crisis. Well I am now going to amend that. There is another video – by the same man, the great Dennis Prager, that will be equally important, equally influential; that is the video above.

There is no person alive today who has a better understanding of the mindset of the Left. Prager has a unique ability to get inside the mind of a Leftist and to explain to us all how it ticks. That is because he recognizes the importance of a value system which is the foundation from which policy decisions are made. And Prager knows that a value system that operates from the belief that the worth of the individual and the liberty of each person is paramount to a just society. It is not the collective or the rule of the elite imposed on the masses that gives humans their worth and reason for being. It is only when the free expression, the life of liberty is the bulwark of society that there is justice.

When we approach combating the Left, not just by free market policy, but by a value system, a morality that features Liberty above all else, then and only then will we make progress in stemming the tide of Leftism. Nobody understand Leftists better than Dennis Prager. Nobody can explain exactly how Leftists think than Dennis Prager. Nobody can get inside the brains of Leftists like Dennis Prager can. There is no better spokesperson for Liberty and a Free Market system of freedom than Dennis Prager. Watch the video above and pass it on.


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