Letter: ‘Eco-Loons’ And Their false ‘Climate Change Religion’ Only Hurt Middle Class

The Westerly Sun published this letter from a citizen:

Letter: ‘Eco-loons’ and their false ‘climate change religion’ only hurt middle class

What’s the most dangerous animal in the world? It’s the eco-loon. First, the eco-loons are intellectually dishonest in that they refuse to even consider alternative reliable evidence that they could be wrong. They blindly take their talking points from the Mediacratic Party as if the information was coming from the Burning Bush on Mount Sinai. They are pathological believers in anything their demigods like Obama say.

We are coming up on the thirtieth anniversary of the first time we had 10 years to save the plant and the planet is still here. The Ice Caps at both poles are just fine. Heck, not a single prediction that “experts” have made regarding global warming has happened.

And worst of all, eco-loons are the most dangerous animal in the world because they are intellectually lazy. The eco-loons are the same crowd that played their part jamming Obamacare down our throats and they were 100 percent wrong. All the information was in the bill showing how bad a deal it was, especially for anyone with a real job and for the American healthcare system. They refused to investigate the facts of Obamacare, parroted the Mediacratic Party talking points and attacked anyone who actually took the time to see what was really in the bill.

Obamacare wasn’t about healthcare. It was about wealth redistribution. Period! Global Warming has the exact same agenda but you don’t take my word for it. Ottmar Edenhoffer, the head of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change told a German news outlet, “[W]e redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.” That’s the type of information the Mediacratic Party will never publish in this country.

President Trump laid out the case that the Paris Climate Pact was an economic disaster for America and would have little positive effect on the climate. Actually, if global warming were real, the Paris agreement would have a negative effect on the climate.

For example Europe, China and India are, under the agreement, allowed to build hundreds and hundreds of coal powered power plants, far more plants than we currently operate. That alone defies logic that the agreement has many thing to do with the climate and there is no enforcement procedure in the Paris Pact. Countries could — actually would — violate the agreement with no consequences. Coal powered power plants are the cheapest form of suppling energy — the key to a vibrant economy. And we have to shut down all of our coal fired plants.

 In other words, the world’s economy grows due to cheap energy and our economy shrinks because our energy costs skyrocket. Presto! The Paris pact redistributes American jobs and wealth.

To date no one has debunked anything President Trump said about the economic negative effects of the Paris agreement for America and the minimal effects at best to the climate. All people have done is demonize him for wanting to destroy the world. So I have a challenge to our local global warming “expert,” Jay Lustgarten. Go through the agreement page by page and prove Trump was lying about anything he said. Jay, you could actually be the first person in the entire world that accomplished that. Wow!

And if you can’t find anything that Trump said was wrong, then explain how this scam has anything to do with the climate and is not about the destruction of America’s economy and the middle class.

And one last thing, Jay. Sadly, many Americans did not hear, listen to or read President Trump’s speech so they have to take at face value what the Mediacrats and the eco-loons say. So after you respond to my challenge or fail to respond to my challenge, I am going to send another letter to the The Westerly Sun detailing exactly what is in the Paris agreement and exactly why Obama unilaterally signed the agreement.

The eco-loons are the most dangerous animal in the world because everything they advocate hurts the middle class, for a false religion — global warming. These people won’t be happy until we are all living in a mud hut with a single candle for heat/light. And they will be complaining about the candle destroying the environment.

Phil Gingerella Westerly


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