We Need A Special Prosecutor To Investigate The Special Prosecutor

FILE PHOTO – FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, U.S. on February 16, 2011. REUTERS/Jason Reed/File Photo

Mueller is Out for Trump’s Head!

Yet Rush says:

We spent some time yesterday. I explained why Trump didn’t obstruct based on Comey, but not this. I see what you’re getting at now. You’re saying that Trump couldn’t have obstructed because Comey says he could shut down the investigation. Let me tell you what happened. That’s still a gray area. What did happen is that on February 14th, dinner in the White House with Comey, only Comey and Trump, and that is where Comey alleges that Trump asks him to end the thing on Flynn. “Can you maybe let it go. Can you see yourself clear, can you see it clear to let it go.”

Comey did not tell anybody at the time that was obstruction. He didn’t feel like he’d been obstructed. He didn’t think anything. Because six weeks later on March 30th he said for the third time Trump is not a suspect, and he told Congress. So on Valentine’s Day, Trump allegedly obstructs Comey, except Comey didn’t report that to anybody and didn’t think it. Only after Comey got fired did he change his story and say, “I was really worried. I felt like Trump was trying to obstruct my investigation.”

The real explanation is, there wasn’t any obstruction because Trump only did it once. He didn’t follow up. He didn’t continue to pressure Comey, “By the way, when are you gonna left the Flynn thing go? I told you I wanted to let it go.” That’s another point. Time is dwindling here. He invested the decision in Comey. He said, “I hope you will find a way to see clear.” He didn’t say, “Drop it, Comey. Just let it go.” He didn’t do that.

He left it to Comey’s decision. There wasn’t any obstruction. And there isn’t any evidence of the money laundering! Folks, even now, I don’t care what you’re seeing in the news, there is no evidence of anything that Trump has done, related to leaks or not, that you’re reading about in the paper today.


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