Spineless Republicans Sealing Their Own Defeat

Rush reports:

We run the House of Representatives. We run the Senate, and we’re letting the Democrats run it with all this investigatory stuff and the calls for independent counsel. But even now with Scalise shot, you don’t have the Democrats being excoriated for their language. Republicans are not standing up and taking it to the Democrats and, as such, they’re leaving once again Republican supporters without any leadership other than what they’re getting from Trump.

“Where are the Republicans?” How in the world can all of this be happening to a Republican president when the Republicans have control of the legislative branch? How in the world can it be happening? And of course the answer is self-evident. It’s happening because the Republicans don’t want to stop it. Now, why don’t they want to stop it? That’s where it gets interesting.

There’s some Republicans that are just embarrassed of Trump. When you get right down to it, they’re just embarrassed. They’re embarrassed to be Republicans, since he’s president. They’re embarrassed to be in the party. They’re embarrassed to say anything about him that’s good or positive. They’re just embarrassed. They hear all the criticism of Trump and they hear it as criticism of them, too, since they’re in the party.

They’re just flat-out embarrassed. “My God, did you see what the guy did on Access Hollywood? Oh, my! Trump… This guy says one thing and the next thing…” It could well be that Trump’s running rings around these people and nobody knows it. There could be any number of things happening here, because everybody cannot help but look at this through the lens of conventional wisdom and the way Washington always works. And if you look through that lens, then Trump does look like he has no clue what he’s doing, looks like a big mistake.

He looks like, “Oh, my God, it’s total chaos!” But that’s not who Trump is, and this is what it looks like. If your objective is to overturn the establishment, drain the swamp and cause them chaos and pain, this is what it looks like. Draining the swamp, overturning the swamp, getting rid of the establishment was never gonna be pretty and was never gonna be orderly.


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