The Left Never Passes Up An Opportunity To Demonize Their Opponents

American Thinker reports:

Scorching the Earth

“Watch out that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble you, corrupting many.”

That’s a compelling verse – call it a proverb – from the New Testament.  It’s a great admonition for all of us.  It’s one the left will pay for not knowing.

During the early days of the Clinton impeachment, then-“journalist” George Stephanopoulos gave an insider threat to the world, clearly from the Clintons.  He said that if Republicans continued their attempts against them, the earth would be scorched.  If they went down, everyone else would, too.

Here is the exchange, from 1998.

Sam Donaldson: “Are you suggesting for a moment that what they’re beginning to say is that if you investigate this too much, we’ll put all your dirty linen right on the table?  Every member of the Senate?  Every member of the press corps?”

 George Stephanopoulos: “Absolutely.  The president said he would never resign, and I think some around him are willing to take everybody down with him.”

It is now safe to say the Democrats have followed that scorched earth promise, that they now fully embrace the Clinton bitterness and corruption.  It’s beyond anything we have witnessed.

Take a look around.  This absurd quest to dehumanize Trump, to form narrative after narrative fabricated on lies to try to destroy him, to destroy his ability to govern, to make him into a criminal, comes from the bitter wells of the Clintons.  After all, he ended Hillary’s (and Bill’s) dream of regaining the Clintons’ glory.  Make no mistake: the Clintons and their team are ravaging everything in a concerted effort to punish anything or anyone that took them down.  Trump is the symbol, but anyone moderate, or right of center, is now the target.  We, all of us on the right, are the target as well.  Just like in Stephy’s quote.

Look at the poisoned fruit they have grown.  Any celebrity that dared even hint to give Trump a chance was destroyed by the liberal Twitter-verse, having to grovel at the feet of the left.  Multiple episodes of violence have erupted against non-leftist speakers on campus.  Any attempt by any congressional Democrats to help Trump is seen as treason to the cause, provoking virtually all of their party members to ever angrier statements and over-the-top efforts to bring Trump down.  Kathy Griffin feigns cutting off the head of Trump as a comedy act, and it took 24 whole hours (rather than minutes) to fire her.  Violence from the left is condoned and encouraged, and no Democrat adult has come against it until today.

That play in New York that daily shows Trump being stabbed was considered brilliant and wonderful by CNN and the other leftist mouthpieces just days ago.  A young Democrat stalwart has risked, and ruined, her life in order to leak information she thought would hurt Trump.  Leftist “comedians” have fouled their own nests with inane nastiness.  The Democrat leaders in congress have lied for months; the whole time, they knew there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, that Trump wasn’t being investigated.  Yet they “persisted.”

And now one of their crazies has been riled to insane political violence, actually shooting a Republican congressman.  If not for armed guards, many more might have been hurt or even killed.  If the left can’t stop Trump, impeach Trump, or make him grovel, its anger will seek other targets vaguely near him.  Scorched earth.

Make no mistake: looking at what has been incited, few on the left would mind one bit if Trump was assassinated.  After all, if he’s inhuman and Hitlerian, why shouldn’t they?

Congratulations, Clintons: you have successfully devastated this country, or at least your half of it.  Congratulations to the Democratic Party – you followed them into the fires of Hell.  Congratulations, MSNBCCNNABCNBCCBSNewYorkTimesWashingtonPost – your ratings and new riches are soaked in blood.  Congratulations to you leftist voters – you chose to throw in with them, allowing hatred to overwhelm you, bitterness to fester into what occurred. 

So where were the adults in the Democratic Party?  Gone, except for one.  Alan Dershowitz really tried telling the truth on the issue of impeachment, but none of the leftist journalists wanted to listen.  They were too busy outraging their audience about  Trump-Russia.  Trump traitor.  Trump/Hitler.  Trump bad.  Really?  The grand nothing they’ve been reporting is now exposed and slowly twisting in the wind.  It’s done.

Kindly recall the national media blaming Sarah Palin for the shooting of Gabby Giffords, with no evidence.  Recall the Clinton-media complex trying to blame Rush Limbaugh for the Oklahoma City bombing.  So many examples of them wrongfully accusing the right of fomenting violence.  Most of us on the right remember being tarred and feathered with no evidence, but this shooting is much more real as an example of hate speech whipping up a crime.  The shooter was clearly a true leftist believer, steeped in the propaganda of MSNBC, CNN, and the entire leftist crazy worldview.  We shouldn’t let them forget, and you can tell they know that from their coverage.

Now, we all know of media double standards, but there is an absurdity in what we’ve witnessed since the 2016 defeat of the Clinton machine.  And it was a machine.  It burned through more than a billion dollars, and now it faces disgrace for the left’s loss.  Scorched earth was the remedy, and here we are.

The sheer amount of hatred that has been piled on Trump, his associates, and his voters is unequaled in our times.  The left has followed the lead of the Clinton machine in wanting blood, and now it has blood.  There are myriad articles discussing how close to civil war we might be, and this climate fomented by the leftist hate machine is close to lighting that fuse.

For all the grandstanding in the past by the left about “hate speech,” they are the ones who have ratcheted hatred up to the brink of civil war.  They are the ones who have irrationally stoked this flame.  They, and they alone, are the responsible parties.  They are the ones with blood on their hands.

I am not advocating civil war.  Not at all.  Even though the left would lose in a disgraceful rout, it’s not something anyone should want.

More important, I think today marks the day the civil war failed on the left.  Even though the media won’t report the truth about leftist hate fomenting this latest shooting, the mask came off.  The country knows.  When Bernie Sanders came out and finally said what he should have been saying every week since the election, that the violence has to stop, the tide turned.  When the Democrat congresscritters staged their photo-op as if they were praying for “the matter,” you know the tide turned.  When you see Democrat officials, the very same ones who have been calling for resistance, en masse call for unity, you know that the jig is up for them.  Let’s not let them forget.  They need to be held accountable.

In spite of the lunatic left winning the Democrat soul, in spite of the calls on their part to kill more Republicans (which calls they are still making), they have now lost.  Their bloodlust has backfired.  The Democratic Party is in shambles, as demonstrated by the fact that only one adult stood up to this crowd-shaming nonsensical hate-fest of the past eight months.   They have no message but the bitter rage of the Clinton machine.  The Democrat-media complex have disgraced themselves during this time by following the Clinton lead in scorching the earth.  They are beginning a downward spiral of self-recrimination, rage, and sputtering about narratives that no longer work.  They face a deep wilderness in their cocooned safe spaces.  Their scorched earth tactics have turned on them, burning only themselves, brought on by themselves.  The tide has turned.

Sure, this will take time.  Faster would be better, and it will be nasty, because some of them won’t retreat.  But it’s clear: their overplayed hand is done.  The handwriting is on the wall, and they now know it.

One last thing: There is not a more deserving group to have failed than the Clinton machine.

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