Democrats Are A Party Of Hate And Destruction

The Canada Free Press writes:

Republican Baseball Practice Shooting Only the Beginning

Douglas V. Gibbs imageBy ——



Remember when the Obama presidency, the experts in the executive branch, his minions in Congress, his minions in the media and his minions on the streets tried to convince America that the Tea Party movement, military veterans and supporters of the Republican Party were capable of violence, and that we were somehow all a bunch of domestic terrorists?  Yet, the violence from the right-wing never manifested as the liberal left predicted.  Tea Party rallies were peaceful, and no mass shootings by Republicans ever happened.  When mass shootings did occur, the shooters always turned out to be Democrats.  But, the media conveniently didn’t discuss that part of the news.

The Domestic Terrorists are not from the GOP. They are Democrats

Now, the tables have turned.  A Republican President is in the White House, and the GOP has a majority in both Houses of Congress.  It turns out that a great number of extremist Democrats are actually everything the leftists accused the conservatives in America of being.  The Domestic Terrorists are not from the GOP.  They are Democrats.  And the violence we are seeing was in the plans all along.

Violence against Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters, even shootings of Trump supporters, has become old news.  We are being desensitized.  It began with Black Lives Matter, and with the snowflakes during the presidential campaign, and has been gaining momentum ever since.

The latest in the chapter of violence against the GOP by Democrats, however, has launched into a whole new realm.  The latest news currently being covered is a story about a shooter who walked up to a baseball practice comprised of Republican congressmen and their staffers, and then the leftist Democrat opened fire.  The shooter, online, was a sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome, brought on by the liberal left Democrat Party’s hateful rhetoric and the complicit liberal mainstream media.  He was simply doing as he has been instructed.

Earlier this year, in January, Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running-mate in the presidential election, said on television that the Democrat [voters] need to take the fight to the streets.  His was but one of many calls for such violence.  Kathy Griffin with her image holding the severed head of President Donald J. Trump doubled down on the call for violence, and the removal of Trump and his allies from their positions in the U.S. Government.  And now, Democrat voters are responding to their instructions.  But, they simply believe lies, have fallen for a false hysteria; the blood is actually on the hands of the liberal left Democrat Party politicians and the biased liberal media, for inciting such violence.

In a terrorist style much like that of a Muslim jihadist, in a violent manner demanded by the antifa anti-Trump mob

In a terrorist style much like that of a Muslim jihadist, in a violent manner demanded by the antifa anti-Trump mob, and a violent action envisioned and encouraged by multiple celebrities, hardcore liberal left James T. Hodgkinson, 66, still distraught over the 2016 Presidential Election, opened fire on GOP personnel at the baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, and only the fact that there were good guys with guns on the scene was Hodgkinson stopped from killing everyone on that baseball field.

The foot soldiers of the far left Democrat Party regime have been convinced from leftist Democrat Party propaganda that America is experiencing what Germany experienced when Adolf Hitler rose to power.  Hitler was elected after fooling a segment of the people, and the rational argument since World War II has always been that if the people who realized what Hitler truly was had only stood up to him, defeated him, and killed him and his supporters, Germany would not have fallen into the clutches of the Third Reich, and the horrifying events that followed could have been avoided.

The American followers of the Democrat Party’s drive for their own Reich do not realize they are deceived tools for the exact kind of fascism they believe they are standing against.

The Marxists, communists and fascists of the Democrat Party have launched a strategy of deception, projection, and a new generation of brown shirts who fanatically believe that their violence is honorable, and necessary, to save America from some kind of a Fourth Reich perpetrated by the GOP.

Democrat hatred and hysteria is aiding an assassination of President Trump


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