Activist Leftist Ideological Judges Block EPA Changes

Scott Pruitt with the President


A federal appeals court in Washington has ruled that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency overstepped his authority by trying to delay implementing a new rule, which requiring oil and gas companies to monitor and reduce methane leaks. The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ordered the EPA to move forward with the Obama-era requirement, which aims to reduce global warming emissions from oil and gas operations. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced in April that he would delay the plan by 90 days the deadline, so the agency could reconsider the measure.

This is how the Left thwarts the will of the people. When Leftists like Obama get into power they make it a point to appoint Far Left ideological Judges to the bench. these Activist Judges will then can be called on to declare any Conservative or Republican legislation or Executive Orders unconstitutional and null and void. Democrat Leftists shop around until they can find a Judge who will rule in their favor. They immediately file a brief with the court and the Far Left Judge shuts down the legislative and executive process and thwarts the will of the people.

They did this with Trumps Travel Ban and now they are doing it with his EPA rulings.


The Federalist Papers reports:

BREAKING: DC Court of Appeals Blocks Rollback of Obama-Era EPA Rules

As the Trump administration works to roll back onerous Obama-era regulations that have stifled the American economy, it appears that the Courts are coming to Obama’s rescue and are forcing the EPA to stop the rollback.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has been working to stop the agency’s massive expansion since he took over. In our exclusive interview with him several months ago, he discussed how he wanted to change the way the agency runs so that it is not an adversarial relationship with the states, but a “cooperative federalism”, as he described it. The idea is to provide the proper balance that the agency has lacked for years.

“We can be pro-environment and pro-environmental outcomes and still be pro-growth,” he said. “We can do both.” The key, he said, is setting goals.

But the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has other ideas, namely that the EPA effectively must continue to stifle economic growth with cumbersome and innumerable regulations on the energy industry.

CBS News reported that the ruling stated Pruitt lacks the legal authority to even temporarily halt implementation of the rule requiring oil and gas companies to monitor and reduce methane leaks.

Pruitt initially put a 90 day stay on the rule, but later announced a two-year stay as the agency worked to reconsider the rule in its totality. But the DC Court of Appeals was not having it.

While he wants to be more cooperative and friendly with the various industries for which he is tasked with overseeing regulatory compliance, the Courts seem to want an adversarial role of the agency to continue. The Leftist groups involved in the case leaped for joy at this ruling.

“This ruling declares EPA’s action illegal – and slams the brakes on Trump Administration’s brazen efforts to put the interests of corporate polluters ahead of protecting the public and the environment,” said David Doniger, director of climate and clean air program for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

“Corporate polluters” … right you mean like the EPA itself, which dumped tons of toxic waste into a river and has held not one person accountable? Oh right… They don’t want government accountability, true accountability; they want government control over every aspect of ordinary citizens’ lives.

They say they want clean air and water, but I don’t see them suing the EPA, demanding prison time for the employees who polluted the river. No, let’s go after private sector people, that’s much more fun and enables more State control…

Now we are not saying that private sector polluters should get away with harming the environment. What we are saying is that the environment must not become an idol, so that all things are subjected to the State’s decrees cleverly disguised as environmental protection, but truly ever-expanding social control.

Economic growth and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive. In fact, economic growth and development in the natural gas industry has led to fewer emissions being released because natural gas burns cleaner than other fossil fuels (but Leftists don’t want you to know that).

But no, let’s remain stuck in the past, with regulation after regulation after regulation holding back progress. It’s what government does best, after all; and a federal appeals Court appears to be just fine with that.

The EPA can appeal to the Supreme Court, which probably will happen. I think that the lower court’s decision would be overturned though.

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