CNN Resorts To Blackmail Over A Joke

All Political Violence In America Comes From The Left

Rush reports:

RUSH: I have this story, ladies and gentlemen, from The Daily Caller on July 2nd. “Media Horrified After Trump Tweets Video Body Slamming CNN — Journalists reacted in horror Sunday…” In horror, folks! Imagine their faces. They “reacted in horror.” They were in terror. Oh, my God! There’s a video, and it’s got Trump body slamming a logo! The fear, the horror. “While many of the president’s supporters online reacted to the video with humor, the consensus among [reporters] seemed to be that Trump was inciting violence against the media.”

These same reporters also reached the consensus that Donald Trump being murdered every night on a stage in Central Park was not an incitement of violence. That was art. Donald Trump as Julius Caesar, Shakespeare in the Park getting murdered every night? “That’s just art. Trump needs to develop a thick skin!” Trump didn’t complain about it. Trump supporters did. CNN and their statement said: “It is a sad day,” a very, very, very sad day, “when the president of the United States encourages violence against reporters.”

Wait a minute. Didn’t CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, proudly announce they’re gonna continue to sponsor the Trump assassination play? See how this one-way street works in the media? They can report things that cause deranged, insane lunatic leftists to pick up guns and start shooting at Republicans — and barely even condemn it, by the way. “ABC News’ chief political analyst Matthew Dowd” former Bush administration official, George W. Bush, said that “Trump is ‘advocating violence against media…’” No, he’s not. He’s laughing at you people! He’s not advocating violence.

How many of you people on the left think wrestling is real, for crying out loud? How many of you really think a logo got body slammed at WrestleMania? How many of you believe that garbage is real? Well, not garbage. It’s actually stellar entertainment. But why in the world…? You people tell me it’s fake every day, and yet here’s a video with an icon, a logo being body slammed, and it’s “advocating violence against the media.” Dowd “demanded Republican leaders ‘put country over party’ in response to the fake video of fake wrestling.” People are awfully upset about “fake,” and yet the “real” that they are inspiring doesn’t seem to bother them.


Don’t We All Know Someone Who Can’t Take A Joke?

Here’s a montage of CNN reporters in horror going crazy over the Trump tweet…

DON LEMON: What the president did today was just flat out gross and disgusting.

ANA NAVARRO: It is an incitement to violence. He is going to get somebody killed in the media.

CARL BERNSTEIN: (background noise) It’s not just anti-CNN. It’s anti-freedom of the press. It’s anti-freedom of speech. … Visually it’s very disturbing. There’s nothing lighthearted about it whatsoever.
RUSH: Gee whiz!

BRIAN STELTER: It’s scary, and it’s scary for CNN colleagues who have already faced threats.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: …violence against journalists…

JOHN KIRBY: He’s sending a message that this kind of violence is okay.

SALLY KOHN: …this is how the president of United States behaves and we shouldn’t defend this! At all! It’s not funny! It’s scary!

RUSH: It’s unbelievable. I mean, you hear the hysteria. Here are the names Don Lemon was first up, then Ana Navarro — who is supposedly a Republican strategist. (interruption) Well, I know she’s a Never Trumper. I know that. She shows up at the cigar dinners I attend every April now and then. I know. Carl Bernstein: “It’s not just anti-CNN. It’s anti-freedom of the press. It’s anti…” Anti-freedom of the press? How about anti-freedom of speech that CNN is, tracking down private citizens, bullying them, intimidating them into shutting up and apologizing or else they will dox them. By the way, I’ve run into a lot of people who don’t know what that term means, “dox.” I’ll explain it in a minute.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. They’ve got no sense of humor. But it’s beyond that, the modern-day American left. It’s beyond the fact they don’t have any sense of humor. It is this arrogant condescension authoritarianism that they are running around with. Just to illustrate how things have changed — and, by the way, folks, for those of you who weren’t around at the beginning: When this program began and to this day, what it was known for was making fun of liberals. Telling jokes about liberals. Making fun of everything they believe. Making fun of climate change. Making fun of the spotted owl. Making fun of environmentalist wackos.

Making fun of practically everything they believed, it was not done. There was no joking about liberalism in American comedy. TV shows didn’t do it. Late-night comics didn’t. And I was hated, I was despised, and you did not do this. They are the serious people. They’re the future. They are everything. You do not laugh at them. You’re not permitted to laugh at them. They can laugh you at all day long. They can destroy you all day long. You cannot laugh at them. They have no sense of humor. To show you how things have changed, I mean, it wasn’t that long ago, take your pick, slapstick comedy, nobody ever associated with violence.

Take the Road Runner and Coyote. You know, it’s one of my all-time favorite cartoons. Did PETA ever complain that the Coyote routinely fell off cliffs and got beat up and bruised? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals never complained about what happened to Road Runner and Coyote, and nobody ever worried the violence the Road Runner perpetrated on the Coyote. Coyote was running into mountainsides. The Coyote was falling off of 300-foot-tall cliffs. The Coyote was launching himself on a rocket and landing in dirt, living through all of it.

It was slapstick funny.

Everybody laughed at it, and that’s what this was! Did the CNN logo bleed? Did it get a concussion? Did the CNN logo complain and whine and shriek and scream in pain and terror? No. And yet “violence” was perpetrated against the CNN logo! Violence was perpetrated against the logo on a fake (laughing) sporting event! They cannot laugh at themselves. They’ll never be able to. They take themselves way too seriously, folks. I cannot describe to you how much and how serious it is. It’s an affliction. It is a dangerous ego affliction to take oneself as seriously as most of your modern-day members of the media do — and in some cases, both sides of the aisle. But particularly on the left.

Here’s Alisyn Camerota. This is from this morning. CNN’s New Day is the name of the program, talking about the Reddit user who created… Oh, the term “dox.” CNN threatened to dox the guy. What that means… D-O-X is actually a new hip word for what should be spelled D-O-C-S. To “dox” somebody is to reveal everything private about them — their name, address, Social Security number, phone number, all of that kind of stuff. That’s what you are doing if you dox somebody. You publicize their “docs” or documents, and the hipsters just spell it with an X. That’s what CNN threatened to do to this poor guy, and Alisyn Camerota is on CNN today bragging about blackmailing this Reddit user who posted the video that Trump tweeted.

It’s Alisyn Camerota.

CAMEROTA: It was remarkable that CNN found the Reddit user who created the gif of Donald Trump and the wrestling video and where he punches CNN. So the investigative team went back and found the guy who first created this — he took credit for it — and then here comes the remarkable part! He apologized. He has also asked that we not reveal his name or whereabouts — and we at CNN are honoring that because he’s apologized and he thinks that he would then be in danger and at risk if other people knew his name.

RUSH: But they’ve told him that if he does it again, they are gonna dox him. Now, who are they? Is CNN law enforcement? Is CNN in charge of this guy’s constitutional rights? Is CNN this poor guy’s gateway to freedom and the First Amendment? Does CNN have the right to tell this guy what he can and cannot do? Does CNN have the right to bully and demand this guy apologize, and then further hold over his head the threat to publicly humiliate him if he does it again?


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