Government Medicine Removes Parental Rights And Will Kill

And American Leftists Ridiculed Sarah Palin When She Talked About “Death Camps”

The father of a six-year-old boy treated by the same US doctor offering to help Charlie Gard said today: ‘If my son was in the UK he’d be dead’.
Art Estopinan, from Baltimore, claims Donald Trump ‘saved’ ten-month-old Charlie by offering him free care because his doctors were about to switch off his life support.
Mr Estopinan’s son Art Jr was given two months to live in 2011 and could only move his eyes but six years later he can move his hands, fingers, feet and arms and is a ‘strong and happy boy’.
He appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and was involved in a row with the show’s GP Dr Hilary Jones who said the cases were different, adding: ‘Sometimes real parental love is letting go’.
A furious Mr Estopinan said: ‘Charlie Gard is a human being who deserves the chance to live’, adding: ‘What right do you have to play God? What this guy is saying is false – you sir are 100 per cent wrong’.
Charlie Gard would need Great Ormond Street doctors to waive their legal ban won in London and Strasbourg to allow him to fly to America for treatment.

Medical Death Cultists

He explained: ‘The doctor in the US who saved my son has a plan to treat Charlie. I trust [the doctor] with my son’s life and he says there’s hope for Charlie. If there’s treatment that can help him then he deserves that chance’.
Yesterday Donald Trump joined the Pope in vowing to help the desperately ill baby boy as British doctors prepare to withdraw his life-support.
Mr Estopinan said: ‘President Trump has saved him. He was set to die yesterday morning’, adding Mr Trump’s administration had paid attention to Art Jr’s recovery and through him became aware of Charlie’s plight’.
Art and his wife and Olga believe that their six-year-old son Art Jr ‘would surely be dead by now’ if he was in the UK.
He was given experimental treatment by the same American doctor who wants to see Charlie.
Art has a similar but not identical mitochondrial depletion syndrome to Charlie and was the first person ever to receive the experimental and pioneering nucleoside therapy.
Family photos and video show him moving in a special wheelchair, sitting around the dinner table and playing in the son.
Mr Estopinan said: ‘I have been to meet Charlie’s parents – we are connected – we are one family’.
President Trump risked a diplomatic row yesterday by declaring America’s support for saving Charlie Gard.
He joined the Pope in vowing to help the desperately ill baby boy as British doctors prepare to withdraw his life-support.
Charlie’s parents have raised £1.3million from the public to fund experimental treatment in the United States.
But Washington sources said yesterday that the American hospital and doctor had agreed to waive their fees.
Last night, Charlie’s parents Connie Yates, 31, and Chris Gard, 32, said the support of the Pope and the US President had left them ‘overwhelmed with emotion’.

They are spending the final days of their son’s life with him, after being given extra time to say their goodbyes.
The White House said President Trump was ‘trying to be helpful’, but his intervention in a tweet yesterday afternoon is a challenge to British and European judges who have ruled that Charlie – who was born 11 months ago today – must be allowed to die.
His parents’ desire to take him to the US has have been blocked by the High Court, Appeal Court, Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights, which backed Great Ormond Street doctors who say he has no hope and should be allowed to die.
Charlie is thought to be one of only 16 children in the world with mitochondrial depletion syndrome, which causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage.
He has irreversible brain damage, his lungs cannot function without a ventilator, and he cannot see, hear, move, cry or swallow. Yesterday President Trump ordered White House officials to make contact with Charlie’s family, and tweeted: ‘If we can help little #CharlieGard, as per our friends in the UK and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so.’

Baby Charlie Gard and Father

Another Case In The Fight For The Right To Life


The Federalist Papers reports:

Yes, it is this bad. The people who run Great Ormond Street Hospital are so fascistic and nihilistic that they are literally preventing this child from receiving any possible treatment, no matter who volunteers it. Not even the Vatican itself can overcome the resolve of these death cultists.

The Vatican is now the second major entity to offer help in the tragic case of Charlie Gard in England. President Trump tweeted that the U.S. should offer help to his parents to try and get him here for special experimental treatment. Charlie has a rare condition known as mitochondrial disease, and has not been able to move, eat, breathe, or cry on his own since birth.

A doctor in the United States has offered to try an experimental treatment with Charlie. It would be a long shot, but is it not worth trying to save the life of an 11 month old child?

Apparently this hospital, and the EU Courts, do not think so. They believe he should “die with dignity” since his prognosis is not good. In one of the most brazen and unthinkable decisions we have seen handed down by a government entity, the State has determined that his life is not worth it.

The Washington Post reports that the Vatican wants to offer him treatment at their children’s hospital, but the UK hospital said NO! Can you believe the audacity of these people??

Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital President Mariella Enoc said in a statement to The Post that doctors at the hospital in Rome who study rare diseases are in contact with international experts, including in the United States, “to develop a protocol for experimental treatment for Charlie.”

Enoc added, “If we’re willing to execute the Supreme Court ruling, the English hospital could accept Charlie’s transfer to Rome. But the Bambino Gesù Childrens Hospital can not consider this opportunity.”

The Post also noted that since President Trump tweeted that the U.S. would be delighted to help Charlie’s parents, his administration has been in contact with the family in calls facilitated by the British government. What the Trump administration would be able to do though, short of sending a SEAL team to extract him, is unclear.

The hospital has apparently decided to postpone taking Charlie off of the life support systems, according to his parents. However, that does not mean that the battle is over; far from it. What needs to happen now is that the hospital MUST release Charlie into his parents’ custody at once, and wherever his parents want to take him, they must be able to do so.

They raised over $1.6 million in private charity to fund the treatment. There are multiple medical facilities that are willing to take him in for treatment. Even if that treatment is a long-shot, even if it is not very likely that it will save his life, is it not still worth trying?

In Europe, the answer is a resounding no, and everyone with a properly functioning conscience knows that this is effectively State-sanctioned murder. Let us continue to hope and pray that this child’s life may be saved from the death cult of European bureaucrats.


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