Wolf Blitzer Has Put A Horse’s Head In Some Guy’s Bed



There Is No Better Satirist Alive Today Than Mark Steyn


Got News reports:

The Downfall of CNN

CNN was not even aware of the moment when it crossed paths with its undoing.

It started with a sting. Like a scorpion’s tail, it finally turns around and it kills you.

Everything James O’Keefe sacrificed, every second he spent quietly sending real journalists into the belly of the beast and editing countless hours of tapes was swiftly rewarded ten times over.

“They’re stupid as sh*t,” a CNN producer spat about American voters while drinking Chik-Fil-A sodas and venting over beers about the nonsense Russia-Trump narrative.

O’Keefe confronted a humiliated Jeff Zucker who still has yet to learn he answers to us now. “Us,” meaning the deplorables. (Of course, GotNews editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson helped turn O’Keefe loose on the world. You’re welcome.)

So, CNN is angry and they’re feeling the pressure. And then, President Donald Trump taunts them with a professional wrestling video.


CNN also didn’t realize Trump handed them the means to their own destruction with a single tweet. “How about a magic trick?” he asks as he dispatches another servant of the globalist world order.

Trump drives his proud enemies into madness with mockery.

Notice too Trump didn’t target anyone specifically at CNN. He went after their logo, their image, their supposed credibility. In their rage CNN retaliated by sending one of their “electronic terrorists” to hold a private citizen hostage. After all, “the proud spirit cannot endure to be mocked.”

Trump also makes “mistakes”: He chums the water for the media while he gets real work done and rallies the base. Look at the “covfefe” tweet: The media went wild over it while Steve Bannon keeps working on his White House whiteboard.


It’s almost as if you can hear our president laugh: “That’ll keep them busy for a while.”

He also exhausts them. He’s our oldest president, but also our youngest one: He has a plastic mind always taking in new information, always changing and adapting. The centipede is a predator. He has the eternal appetite of infancy.

Are You Laughing Yet?

As Vox Day taught us: SJWs always double down. Not only does Trump refuse to back down, he’ll troll them with a tweet, followed up by a speech about how the media will not stop his Red Hat Army. They hate this and they are driven wild by their hate.

He’s our funniest president and yet our most serious one. And the stakes are high. As Bannon said right as he accepted the job of Trump’s campaign CEO: “Victory or death!!!” (Exclamation points in original.)

So, in return, CNN decided to target an individual member of the Meme Magic Volunteer Auxiliary Army, Reddit poster HansA**holeSolo.

Thought Crime does not entail death; Thought Crime is death, yet our Hans did it just the same.

Mr. Solo may have apologized, but it’s not a real apology. Not when there’s a gun stuck in your mouth, or a cage of rats are ready to eat your face as O’Brien prepares to release the latch until you lie and say two plus two equals five and you betray your love.

CNN thinks they won a victory by pretending to spare him his life. But what happens when you target us, lying media? You create more of us. We are legion and we’re the good guys. MSNBC sent Rachel Maddow to “wow just wow” at former Breitbart editor Katie McHugh’s tweets about Islamic immigration to try to hurt Bannon. (Unfortunately, for them, Breitbart News management eventually sided with Maddow.) Johnson could have toiled forever at the Wall Street Journal under the odious Bret “Deport Americans” Stephens, but instead, he chose to cut himself free from the bowels of Conservatism Inc., where dreams go to die if you stay there too long. Inertia is indeed one of the most powerful forces in the universe and if you don’t break free, you will die in chains never even knowing you had the key.

Sometimes one hears the cries of those who freed themselves from one prison only to lock themselves in another: “Get out of the conservative ghetto.” But Trump like Godzilla stomped his way through there and he tore down something that kept so many of us trapped. There were casualties. Very hard times. But such times also harden one and we all fall down so we can pick ourselves back up again, over and over again, and do it with joy.

And of course, even though we have been stripped of our duties, we haven’t abandoned them.

All through our wild days, our mad existence, we kept our promise—don’t keep your distance.

We are here for you, Mr. President and Mr. Bannon. And we will not let the people targeting you, your family, and your hardworking, everyday supporters slow us down, let alone stop us.

P.S. Are we having fun yet? Are we tired of winning yet?

Because mock-body slamming CNN on Twitter is just the beginning.

Stay tuned for more.


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