Media’s Russian Psychosis


Russian Collusion Hysteria

Sean Hannity is back from vacation and loaded for bear. He points out that Republican lawmakers need to put the ax to the stone, get busy and produce – OR ELSE. Or else they will voted out of office – and a whole new bunch of Democrats will take their place.

Hannity is quick to point out in the Donald Trump Jr. bru-ha-ha that this meting with the Russian lawyer was set up by Op Research Firm Fusion GPS that is directly tied to Democrat operations and the mover behind the fake Trump Dossier produced by British Intelligence officer Christopher Steele. Hannity points out the Democrats have their own Ukranian Collusion, using a foreign government to combat Trump.

The biggest point that Hannity makes, however, is that the Forgotten Men and women who voted Trump and Republican Legislators into power will turn on them unless they enact what these voters charged them to do.

For those who are not regular Hannity watchers or regulars who may have missed this show – the ALL HANNITY episode is a classic hard hitting piece you don’t want to miss.



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