Democrats Tried To Set Up Jr But The Result Is A Big Nothing Burger

The Same People Who Put Together The Golden Shower Dossier Snookered JR

Fusion GPS tied to the Democrat Party and Democrat Operatives set this whole thing up. Fusion GPS are the people who commissioned the Christopher Steele Dossier on Trump Sr. If you don’t remember that it involved Trump hiring Prostitutes to pee on a hotel bed that Obama once slept in – totally made up, slanderous FAKE NEWS! Democrats saw Trump Jr as a rising star and wanted to take him out early on.

Rush reports:

You know what this whole thing reminds me of? The way the dossier was pitched. You may not remember, but the dossier — the golden showers dossier — was pitched to the media in an email-type message. It was reviewed and it was highlighted, what it contained — and it was designed to be seductive. And this has much the same ring to it. This babe calls Trump Jr. under a false premise, claiming she’s got dope on Hillary Clinton, and they take the meeting ’cause who wouldn’t want to get oppo research on your opponent?

That’s standard operating procedure in political campaigns. And then the woman shows up. “No, no, no, no. You misunderstood! I’ve got this Magnitsky Act or something I want you to do something about.” The whole thing smacks of a setup. The one thing here: If this meeting was about collusion, what was the collusion? And that remains the question in every story that we have been dished for the past six months. What is the collusion? What was the hack? Two separate questions. But what was the collusion here involving Donald Trump Jr.?

What did the Russians get out of it? Nobody got anything out of this meeting! The Russian honey pot didn’t get anything she wanted. The Trump campaign did not get what they thought they were gonna get. It’s a big nothing. Now, some Never Trumpers simply can’t bring themselves to admit that. To them, it’s a smoking gun. “There may not be a lot of smoke, but there’s a lot of smell to the smoke that we can’t see, and it deserves further investigation.” But nobody got anything out of this meeting. The whole meeting took place under false premises.

Nothing changed because of the meeting. Not a single thing changed! In fact, my friends, there is more evidence that this Russian lawyer was working with Fusion GPS to discredit Trump than anything else. That’s the same outfit that did the golden showers dossier, and that’s why I think there’s a similarity. I think all of this was aimed at getting Trump, if you want to know the truth — and the way the media’s covering it I think proves that.

Fusion GPS is the same Fusion GPS who funded the phony Trump dossier, which surfaced around this very same time. The only thing that came out of this meeting was the meeting itself and how inattentive… Manafort kept looking at his iPhone. Jared Kushner got up and left after a couple of minutes. Remember my theory on how the golden showers memo became news? ‘Cause there’s nothing to it. It’s all lies; it’s totally made up; it’s outrageous. Remember how it became news? They showed it to Trump. Once that happens, then it’s become a news story. Doesn’t matter true or false, it’s a news story.

The same thing is happening here.

Okay, another teachable moment here on how this happens. CNN right now. I’m not listening. They’ve got a graphic the bottom of the screen that says, “Email to Trump Jr.: anti-Clinton info is very high level, part of Russia and its government support for Mr. Trump.” That’s the email that Trump Jr. received from the Russian honey pot, “Anti-Clinton info very high level, Russia and government support for Trump.”

Except when the babe gets there she’s got nothing anywhere close to that. She disavows any knowledge of that. She says, no, no, no, I don’t know anything about that. I’m not representing the Russian government. I want the Miginsky Act relaxed, or some such thing. So why is CNN running with the fake news? Why is CNN running with something that was not part of this story? Well, it was part of the story in the sense that the honey pot email contained that stuff, but when the actual meeting took place, there was none of that. The honey pot didn’t know anything about that.

This is so obvious. I mean, folks, one thing about this, this is not clean and pure as the wind-driven snow. The Trump campaign gets this email. Why Donald Trump Jr., by the way? Here’s another thing. If there was collusion going on — all this happens in June of 2016 — if there was collusion going on, then how in the hell it an email like this get everybody’s attention and bring a stop to everything? If Trump and the Russians were already colluding, this would have been a nothing burger anyway. They’d have been so far beyond this, if there was actual collusion.

If there was collusion, Trump would already know that the Russians are trying to help him get elected. So an email that shows up from a Russian honey pot — and of course that’s subjective; it’s the eyes of the beholder — but if you get an email from a Russian honey pot claiming anti-Clinton information, “I have big anti-Clinton information, very high level, it’s from the Russian government, it’s support for Mr. Trump.” If there was collusion going on, why would that register? That would have been old news.

Well, there wasn’t any collusion going on. It’s why they took this meeting. But the point is none of that was ever discussed because the Russian honey pot did not have any such high level information. She didn’t impart any high level information. She was not representing the Russian government. She didn’t have any anti-Clinton information. And she had no knowledge of whether or not the Russian government was supporting Trump or not. All of this is totally made up.


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