The Left’s Threat to Western Civilization

No one has a better understanding of the Left’s mindset than Dennis Prager. Prager knows what makes the Left tick and because he does he advocates the defeat of the Left. The Left, not Liberals, is evil and in order for good to triumph evil must be defeated. It might seem to promulgate a negative instead of a positive, but that is the only way Western Civilization and the Republic of the United States will survive.

The Left has shown its true colors. It is totalitarian. It wants to limit free speech. It is a big believer in Hate Speech laws. It desires to re-institute the Fairness Doctrine to Talk Radio. It wants to deny Conservative platforms at colleges and elsewhere.  It wants to limit religious freedom. It wants to confiscate all guns from all American citizens. It advocates race distinctions. It has redefined racism. It is for open borders and the failed philosophy of Multiculturalism. It wants to remove God from the marketplace.

As you look over those planks in the Left’s catechism you will notice that the Left wants to remove the US Constitution from American society. It wants a Supreme Ruler surrounded by a bunch of elite sycophants. As Obama said, it wants to transform America.



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