What You Don’t Know About Voter Fraud

In this week’s installment of “Inside Judicial Watch,” Carter Clews sits down with Robert Popper, Director of JW’s Election Integrity Project, to discuss what no one else is telling the American public about voter fraud and election integrity.

Citizens in Florida, Virginia and Maryland might be interested in some not widely known facts about voter fraud in your states. Also what was very enlightening was the length to which Obama went to thwart honest elections.

Some voting quotes from Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton:

“Voter fraud is America’s dirty little secret. The politicians don’t want to address it directly, and President Trump is right to highlight the concern and to investigate it. We are conducting this panel to expose the truth about it to the American people because you have leftists and allies in the media who want to downplay voter fraud because, frankly, a lot of democrats and their allies rely on the ability to steal elections to obtain and retain power.”

“Trump’s idea of a federal voter fraud investigation – if done right – would be the most significant civil rights investigation in a generation. Because for every illegal vote there is an American vote, an American citizen who has had their vote stolen or negated as a result. And that’s your civil right for your vote to be counted fairly and accurately and not stolen by illegal votes of someone else.” 

“There’s a simple solution to figuring out whether there is voter fraud or not. All we need to do is to have the feds take the voter registration lists of the various states and run them against national databases that include aliens here in the United States who are not supposed to be voting, people who died (who are on the Social Security death registry) and see if they are still on the list and see if they are voting. Then we will have a pretty clear idea of whether voter fraud is the issue we say it is.”


Watch the Left oppose any measures that would make elections honest.


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